Where to get your free codes to access Xbox games

Xbox is one of the video game brands developed by Microsoft, and it is one of the leading video game brands in the world known today. The Xbox brand was first introduced in North America in 2001. It is a form of video game console series that has three consoles which were released in the sixth, seventh, and eight generations.

The Xbox has a series of consoles which include the following:

  • Xbox

The original Xbox is the first series to be released among the other Xbox series. It was released in North America (2001), Europe (2002), Japan (2002), and Australia (2002).

The original Xbox recorded huge success, and it competed with the likes of Nintendo, Sega, and even PlayStation 2. In November 2002, an integrated service called Xbox Live was launched, and it was also a huge success. With the Xbox Live service, gamers were able to access and play online games in the absence of a broadband connection.

  • Xbox 360

This is the successor the original Xbox console which makes it the second video game console released by Microsoft. The Xbox 360 is part of the seventh-generation gaming console, and it was officially released in November, 2005. Just like the original Xbox, the Xbox 360 console also recorded huge success as it competed with the likes of PlayStation 3 and Wii by Nintendo.

It also features the Xbox Live service offered by the original Xbox console. It’s Xbox Live is more advanced when compared to that of the previous version and offer some additional features whereby users can download games, stream music, movies, TV shows, and a few other multimedia features.

The Xbox 360 video game console went on to become one of the best highest-selling and most influential gaming console in the world.

  • Xbox One

The Xbox One is the successor of the Xbox 360 video game console which automatically makes it the third gaming console to be developed by Microsoft. It belongs to the eight generation of video game consoles which was initially released November, 2013 in North America, Europe, Brazil, and Australia. The Xbox One also happens to be the first Xbox console released in China

It also recorded huge success as it competed against the likes of PS 4 and Switch by Nintendo.

  • Xbox One X

This is the latest addition to the Xbox video game consoles which would make it the successor of Xbox One, and also the fourth game console to be developed by Microsoft. The Xbox One X is expected to be released in November, 2017 and it is said to come with more advanced features.

How to access Xbox games;

Games on the Xbox platform are usually accessed through Xbox codes. These codes are usually sold but can also be gotten for free. On the internet today, you will find a lot of sites offering free Xbox codes. But the problem with these websites is that the free codes they offer doesn’t work most of the times. Also, such websites usually contain various malicious software that could damage your device.

However, there’s a site that is reliable and provides Xbox codes for free. Freegenday is a site that offer players the chance of winning free codes on a daily basis. The codes provided on the Freegenday platform can be won by players and used to access Xbox games for free. As a player, you also stand a chance of winning other freebies on the platform such as Steam Wallet Codes, Riot Points used for league of legends, and a few others.

Being known to provide genuine free codes for players, you can visit Freegenday today to stand a chance of winning free Xbox codes.

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