Know your Candidates before you Recruit

A job applicant is often assessed on various methods by the organisations before they actually recruit him or her. By these methods the employer gains more information about the applicants and thus chooses the most fitting candidate for each of the vacancies. Job aptitude tests are becoming increasingly popular for the organisations for this purpose. The primary motive of these tests is to provide the recruiter with an idea about how well the candidates are capable of working with other people, their ability to handle stress and if they fulfil the intellectual demands of that particular job.

The job aptitude test are of two types- Personality tests and Aptitude tests

Personality tests

The personality of a person has a lasting impression on a person’s mind. A candidate should have an apt personality required for the job. Personality tests aims to let the employer  know if you are really enthusiastic and motivated to do the job and whether you would actually fit into the office environment. These personality questionnaires ask the applicants questions about their thoughts, feelings and behaviour. They are used as a selection tool to remove the candidates who are unsuitable for the job and also as an example to the existing employees for career progression.

Aptitude tests

These tests are designed in a manner to measure the candidate’s intellectual capacity. These tests are of multiple choice type and are overseen under exam conditions. The tests follow a strict timing, giving only about thirty minutes for around thirty questions. The results of a candidate are compared with an average group, to check his performance as better than average or not. These tests can be divided into a lot of groups and the recruiter might ask you to sit through only a certain one, which is most appropriate for that particular job.

Types of questions asked:

  • Verbal Ability Questions- They test your correct use of grammar, your spellings and your ability to follow comprehensive instructions.
  • Numeric Ability Questions- These questions are based on simple mathematics, number sequences and basic arithmetic.  
  • Abstract Reasoning Questions- They make use of diagrams and check whether the candidate can identify the hidden logic of the pattern.
  • Spatial Reasoning Questions- These are used to see the ability of the candidate kaufen viagra strips to convert the shapes in two dimensions into three dimensions.
  • Mechanical Reasoning Questions- The candidate is assessed on the knowledge he has on mechanical and physical principles.
  • Data Checking Questions- A number of tables are presented, and the candidate is required to compare them and figure out the result. These show the recruiter, how fast a candidate can detect errors in a given data.

Thus, job aptitude tests can help the employers a great deal by assessing the candidates in every particular way, to know where their strengths lie and how to use them best for the benefit of the company. In recent times these test come in great use as they save the time of the recruiters and help them come to an appropriate decision, to choose the best candidate for the job.

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