Understanding LED technology in India

LED technology in India is a major revolution in lighting technology. Being Eco-friendly it has been touted as the lighting technology of the future. It flooded the markets in the recent past and has been receiving rave reviews ever since. Starting from a marked reduction in energy usage it comes with minimized electricity bills as well!

Since then LED technology in Kolkata, has gained a lot of ground as well. In this article we shall understand the concept of LED or light-emitting diode technology.

What is meant by LED technology?

LED is a semi-conductor light source comprising of two-lead which when activated emits light from the p-n junction diode. A suitable voltage when applied to the leads result in recombination of the electrons with electric holes inside of the device. This in turn releases energy which is in the form of photons. LED lights are unidirectional light sources which actually mean that they emit light in a particular direction only. Unlike compact and incandescent bulbs they do not emit heat and light in all directions. LED lighting utilizes its focus in a better way to use the light and energy.

Why choose LED technology over other bulbs?

LED bulbs are essentially energy efficient i.e. they use 50% less electricity over its contemporaries.

They have superior longevity i.e. they have a lifespan of around 30,000-50,000 hours which is sometimes even greater depending completely on the quality of the fixture or lamp used.

They are far more resistant to any kind of breakage being readily adaptable to a wide range of temperature conditions.

They are anti-flicker and attain highest brightness instantly without any delay.

LED technology is also completely unaffected from the effects of rapid cycling which makes them an obviously hardy option to go for.

LED lighting technology is also free from any kind of harmful emissions which makes it a safer alternative to incandescent and compact lighting options.

LED lights come in a variety of exciting designs to choose from, it can be used to suit one’s own moods and choices.

Therefore, we can understand why LED technology in India has found such a huge number of takers. The technology is one of a kind and it is extremely efficient.

LED technology in India is rightly termed as the technology of the future. It is smart, efficient, eco-friendly and conserves both energy and money. It is far more resistant to temperature fluctuations and is a great option as an indoor lighting solution. These are not only aesthetic but also provide effective alternatives to its contemporaries.


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