Reliance is going launch its new Reliance JIO phone at an affordable price!

With the introduction of the smartphone, the way and style of communication have changed. However, the world of communication got a huge jolt when the famous brand of India Reliance entered the market with its distinct plans for the users. Once again the company is all set to give a jolt to the market by providing a smartphone to the users. The company has recently made a declaration in which it has cleared its intention to enter this segment, and one of its devices is also ready to launch.

The Reliance Company almost took over other network connection brands through its JIO SIM card marketing in India. The company started giving out free SIM cards with unlimited free calling and free 4 G internet in the initial days as this flawless marketing strategy attracted a number of customers. To avail free facilities, a lot of people started to prefer the JIO connection over other connections. The free offers were retrieved from the market with minimal recharge rates to avail free calling and 4G internet usage. Apart from this massive market turnover, Reliance marked a created a statement for digital India and the usage of 4G technology.

The Reliance JIO phone is the second step, and the company is planning to take out these QWERTY keypad phones will minimal features which can be used especially for 4G calling. The phones are not android phones and are not internet savvy but can just be used for 4G calling through the JIO SIM. The following article will try to make a detailed study of the specification of the cheap and affordable Reliance JIO phone. This is a great step towards the Digital India campaign and once successful, everyone can avail 4G services with its better connectivity and availability. The Reliance JIO Phone India launchis speculated to be in September 2017.

Display and Screen

The Reliance JIO phones feature a screen of 2.4 inches or 6.1 cm with a screen pixel density of 167 PPI or 240 x 320 pixels with a TFT display type. The phone comes in black colour and does not have a touch screen. The device is much different than the trending smartphones with 5-inch plus screen. The screen size will be small but yet it will offer some of the beautiful features that can attract the users.


The operating system used in the Reliance JIO phone is KAL 2.0, and it has a four-way navigation system. The phone is operated through its alphabetic and numeric QWERTY keypad.


This device is provided with a primary camera of 0.3 MP resolution and 640 x480 pixels image resolution. The camera also has the feature of digital zooming thus enabling the user to click pictures of zoomed objects. The phone is a basic calling phone, and thus the camera features are below average and it just used for the limited clicking of pictures. It is obvious that this device cannot be compared with the smartphone of modern days with the high-resolution camera as both the devices are completely different from almost every angle.

Battery and Storage

The JIO phone has a 2000 mAh lithium polymer battery which is also removable, and in the case of any damage the battery can be removed and replaced. The phone being a basic phone can go on for one to two days without charging it, and one can call for long hours without much battery depletion. The set also comes with a fast charging charger and the phone can be charged in no time. It is believed that the battery of this device will last long as it has got a majority of the features of a basic phone only. Hence the device will not consume much of the battery which can be good news for the users who want to use it for calling purpose.

Having an SD card slot the phone has an expandable memory up to 16 GB. As it has a fully working music player, one can store a number of songs and also use it as an MP3 device. The 16 GB is also not a small option of memory, and hence the user can easily store some songs and images as well as video clips and other data on the device.

Connectivity Options

Being essentially a 4G phone, the phone supports all 4G Indian bands along with 2G and 3 G bands. IT also has other connectivity options like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and micro USB connection through a 2.0 USB port. The phone just supports the HTML browser and thus can be used for basic surfing and is essential for the internet high speed calling. Hence from the view point of connectivity, there is no option which is not provided by the company on this device. It helps the user to exchange the files through various options easily.


The point of releasing a 4G model low priced phone is to make 4G services available to people belonging from the lower-income group and the Reliance JIO phone price in India is speculated to be 1500 INR. The price of this phone will set it in the low-budget devices, and with such features, there is no doubt that the phone will be a huge hit.


The phone has very minimal features, and it has a marked customer base. A person who can afford an android phone will not go for this model. But if you have a JIO number and want to use it just for making regular calls or business related calling then this is the best choice. Also, the lower income group people who cannot afford to buy a high priced Android phone but want to experience the perks of 4G calling will buy this phone. The phone has the basic features like alarm clock, calculator, music play, radio and so on and can be a precise working device taking is back to the initial days of mobiles per se.


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