Benefits of Ayurvedic medicines for kidney problems

What happens if the renal system fails completely?

Total or nearly complete and long lasting kidney failing is known as ESRD. If ones renal system leaves the workplace absolutely, the whole body fills with extra normal water and waste materials. This condition is known as uremia. Hands or feet may swell. An individual will feel tired and weak because the human demands clean blood vessels to operate properly. Untreated uremia may lead to seizures or coma and will ultimately result in death. An individual whose renal system leave the workplace absolutely will need to endure dialysis or kidney transplantation.

Chronic Kidney Disease

Most kidney problems, however, happen slowly. An individual may have “silent” kidney illness for years. Gradual loss of kidney operate is known as serious kidney illness (CKD) or serious kidney insufficiency. People with CKD may go on to develop long lasting kidney failing. They also have a high risk of death from a stroke or heart attack. You will need Kidney Failure Treatment in Ayurveda to treat kidney problem.

End-stage Renal Disease

Total or nearly complete and long lasting kidney failing is known as end-stage kidney illness (ESRD). People with ESRD must go through dialysis or hair transplant to stay alive.

There are many reasons for improved creatinine and urea stages in the blood vessels. Urea and creatinine are the endotoxins usually caused by reduced excretion of the protein metabolism end products via pee.

The BUN rate – (The Blood Urea Nitrogen) The BUN rate is the term used for the rate of two serum laboratory values, the blood vessels urea nitrogen (BUN) and serum creatinine (Cr). The BUN rate helps to diagnose if the cause is due to damage to kidney due to kidney illness (intrarenal diseases) or pre-renal or post-renal causes.

Increased urea and creatinine are mainly caused by kidney failing or reduced kidney operate. There is specific ayurvedic treatment for kidney failing and to prevent dialysis naturally. Kidneys work as filters in our whole body. Filtering the toxins out from our whole body and cleansnig the blood vessels. If the renal system are not functioning properly due to Diabetic nephropathy, Renal artery stenosis (genetic or due to serious blood vessels pressure) and other kidney diseases like kidney cysts, malignancies, tumors, drugs and others.


1) Always eat home cooked fresh produce. 2) Avoid hoteling, preserved food 3) Do moderate exercise & Morning sun exposure. 3) Live life stress free 4) Avoid alcohol, nicotine consumption 5) Lunch must contain whole grain, rice, daal, ghee, salad, vegetables, buttermilk etc. 6) Take moderate whole body rest. 7) Adopt natural organic way of life style.

In kidney failing there is actually no specific diet program as it has to be customized according to your requirements. There are some basic things which need to be understood to get the best results. The kidney dietician or a doctor or a nutritionist should always be consulted for a proper kidney diet program as per your kidney problems symptoms.

Fluid / Liquid Intake- Other fluids also contain normal water. So you don’t really need to reduce the liquid consumption if you are not on dialysis or the pee outcome is not reduced and normal. Infact in this situation the liquid consumption should be more to clear out things. If on dialysis, the drinking habits and other liquid consumption should be restricted an as per the dietician’s advice

Water Intake – The drinking habits can be upto 6-8 glasses per day in the situation of no accumulation normal water within your whole whole body. Swelling in feet, face is the sign that shows there is bloating within your whole body and normal water is accumulating within your whole body and renal system are not able to remove excess normal water from the whole body. So the drinking habits needs to be limited and under guidance of a doctor in this situation. If there is no swelling within your whole body and the pee outcome is normal, then the drinking habits can be 6-8 glasses or even more regarding improved creatinine stages. It minimizes creatinine stages naturally.

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