3 Most Significant Google SEO Ranking Factors in 2017

Are you up for the latest SEO trends to boost up your website ranking in organic searches? It’s essential for the website owners to follow the latest industry preference in order to show up at the top rankings. SEO has changes a lot in 2017 and Google has got smarter than ever. So trying to trick the father of Search Engines (Google), won’t be a good idea. Update algorithms and latest innovations have made the system smarter and efficient, which is quite fair with the website owners who are always up with their white hat SEO practices.

So here are a few major SEO Ranking factors that you must follow in 2017. Let’s delve in;

Don’t Violate the Google Quality Guidelines

We all know that getting on Google’s Backside is not a good idea. Its 2017, so don’t try to food Google with practices like paid backlinks, doorway pages, hidden text and etc. Google has shown strong intentions to fight spam and that’s why your website must not send any spam signals. Not even by mistake as Google is penalizing all the spam sites mercilessly. Keep your webmaster account updated and you will get to know about whether your website is sending spam signals or not.

There are two major culprits that let your website send spam signals unknowingly that is; keyword stuffing and spam backlinks. Therefore, just make sure you go through the complete Google quality guidelines in order to ensure you are practicing the pure white hat SEO Dubai. Moreover, don’t forget to check your website’s spam score at Moz Open Site Explorer. Here’s the link: https://moz.com/researchtools/ose/

User Experience is the Key

Yes it is! Giants of the SEO industry has confirmed that the User Experience will be the most significant ranking factor in the 2017 and years to come. If the user stays on your site for longer, the Google will catch all the signals and set your site at the priority for top ranking. Some factors that you should focus for the high Google ranking in 2017 are;

  • Bounce Rate
  • Pages/Session
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Website Speed
  • Broken Link
  • Content Readability


Rank Brain

Confirmed by the Google in fall 2015, Rank Brain is the 3rd most important factor in the ranking algorithm. It’s all about the artificialintellect specialized for machine learning that enables visitors to search with ease. So what is Rank Brain? It’s an AI program that is used to help in processing the Google Search Queries. It actually uses the artificialintelligence to integrate wide array of written languages into vector that is mainly understood by Google.

For example; If you type “best Italian food” in the search bar, it’s will give you wide range of results that will include mainly the list of Italian dishes. Moreover, you will most likely to stumble upon best Italian restaurants, their name and menu along with prices. Astoundingly, you might even get the front the search results that take you to ‘how to make Italian dishes’ that would actually be the cooking class for you either textual or video.



Do you want to discover the latest SEO trends that should be followed in 2017? Just check out the article now.


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