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Luca Miglietta
why do you confuse this much the table?
Comment from : Luca Miglietta

Jacob Bosma
That looks good on ur bank account ulalalala
Comment from : Jacob Bosma

Embo Seba
Comment from : Embo Seba

CryptX Onecoin
This is what happens under a drug lords mansion in Ukraine
Comment from : CryptX Onecoin

blank space
Comment from : blank space

Padraig Cronin
Are you a gambling addict if you have this as your YouTube channel
Comment from : Padraig Cronin

Alec G
is this the black market wtf?
Comment from : Alec G

Khinh Phu
i can understand why people dont go casino because you playing with shoe and preshuffle decks
Comment from : Khinh Phu

Jamb Badbalance
...ата Галя типа спать хочет или наебать?
Comment from : Jamb Badbalance

DJ Metro
This dealers are literally slaves. guess they got kids to feed :(
Comment from : DJ Metro

3 Subscriber's Without Any Videos!!!
Exclusively dull lmao
Comment from : 3 Subscriber's Without Any Videos!!!

3 Subscriber's Without Any Videos!!!
13:20 u got her in trouble with the floor manager lol he was watching her hard til you said something. She will be fired if she cant keep her eyes open
Comment from : 3 Subscriber's Without Any Videos!!!

3 Subscriber's Without Any Videos!!!
6:55 shes jealous.. jealous your first bet was double the average monthly wages of one of these dealers from Lativa
Comment from : 3 Subscriber's Without Any Videos!!!

Greg Weigel
Dude congratulations on the splitting eights and doubling down on the 10 but why didn't you double down on the 11's??
Comment from : Greg Weigel

clay clay
Dealer on heroin, all good.
Comment from : clay clay

Sreten Jocić
him: aNeStHeSiA

Comment from : Sreten Jocić

Jean-Rémy Leistenschneider
That Last Hand dude 😂 killed me
Comment from : Jean-Rémy Leistenschneider

Brandon M
Gonna get her whipped or something
Comment from : Brandon M

Logan Woolfolk
So is this like real money playing?
Comment from : Logan Woolfolk

Grime Kitty
Gambling is so idiotic. Give that money to me and I will open an ice-cream stand and make profit.
Comment from : Grime Kitty

This seems inhumane.
Comment from : MrMelenor

trevdog Bunkers
Dealer auto wins with blackjack
Comment from : trevdog Bunkers

trevdog Bunkers
Like I woulda told the girl how much you make let’s just link and I’ll pay ya
Comment from : trevdog Bunkers

trevdog Bunkers
Lmmmmao naw I’m need that old deck back so I can count
Comment from : trevdog Bunkers

Kyle Reese
The Girl looks drugged very odd.
Comment from : Kyle Reese

Seems like dealers are fucked up😂😂😂😂(work load is high i guess)
Comment from : madhurjya

Andrew Lin
What site do I play this at? I'm in Italy.
Comment from : Andrew Lin

The Oasis Vlogs
Love these vidoes would love to see more. Do u do other betting
Comment from : The Oasis Vlogs

Benji G
Fucking comical your vid, she was proper falling asleep, good come back on the last hand, well done
Comment from : Benji G

femonji kowko
Is it just me or did he say at 15:23 'card shows 12' and he didnt even turn the card over? how???
Comment from : femonji kowko

tom perry
Because thats maths hahahaha
Comment from : tom perry

Callum Andrews
Why tf r u so good
Comment from : Callum Andrews

Comment from : huntertony56

Burris Streaming
see tje little thing they slide the cards over? that's a reader so they know exactly what the cards are before they even show.
Comment from : Burris Streaming

Watch from 11:25. She is done
Comment from : MONO FILMS

hahaha this women, i think they work hard and in the evening they drink allot
Comment from : Distrax

Raining Blood92
She needs some cocaine
Comment from : Raining Blood92

Limerence John
I worked for an online casino before and I swear to god this is really, really tiring. We work at night before.
Comment from : Limerence John

bruh Idk who you are nor I am with you but just watching made me feel like im watching my mate play n wanting you to win so bad lol
Comment from : BadSmoker95

Fabrice Ascenso
14:30 "ok the casino lost too much let's put a professional dealer! And make sure the girl gets a proper torture session!"
Comment from : Fabrice Ascenso

Adam Hocini
the last bets is famous amazing you are very lucky man
Comment from : Adam Hocini

I don't think gambling is wrong in any way but that flashing "double" button is designed to please the eye of a gambling addict. I've read about it and it's a mental disorder like 1-3% of people have it's usually orange bright colours but red will do as well.
They don't make that much money from players who think a bit when they are playing ofc the odds are to the house always but the real money comes from people with problems or just drunk players

Comment from : irou95

Oscar Marsh
Why are you hitting 14 against a ten with a -1?
Comment from : Oscar Marsh

Matt  guest
28.00 you jammy git xD :D
Comment from : Matt guest

Matt  guest
she really didn't want to be there did she ;D :D
Comment from : Matt guest

12:50 what u came here for quite literally
Comment from : THE NSA IS WATCHING

14:42 had me hysterically laughing for no good reason.
Comment from : NYfan92

Humour Fishing
“You win £680” Christ
Comment from : Humour Fishing

Aleksandar Popsavin
Anastasia is a qt 3.14.
Comment from : Aleksandar Popsavin

farrad edmund
this makes me uncomfortable
Comment from : farrad edmund

don't split three's unless the dealer has a 4 - 7
Comment from : SHD

Jack Cutts
What she’s feeling is very common in security industry. You feel drunk, extremely tired and completely lost. Don’t know how she was managing that. She wouldn’t have been able to focus very well n her vision would have been blurry... so sad
Comment from : Jack Cutts

jon kings
I counted you negative 17 at one point when you was losing, that’s why the cards were shit.
Comment from : jon kings

Андрей Белоусов
хороший дилер спит за столом )
Comment from : Андрей Белоусов

you cant get  angry when a pretty lady takes all your money, its a rule
Comment from : Li U MAAA

Raul Gabriel
It's 2 in the morning and I watched it all. What is this folks!?!? Real money involved? Seems dope!
Comment from : Raul Gabriel

Jesus fucking Christ look at her !!!!!!!
She keeps closing her eyes and then waking up again. It’s like she’s got sleep deprivation or something from that job

Comment from : MatthewClarkson

shhh you a fool you winning in the sleepy girl so stay at it but no you go and cry in the chat....
Comment from : Alejandro

Arno Lourens
15:02 if looks could kill. We would all be dead right there.
Comment from : Arno Lourens

Arno Lourens
hahahaha look at her 11:10. She actually fell asleep for a second there and then came back.
Comment from : Arno Lourens

Ariya Josheghani
This guy doesn’t get a hint AT ALL!
Comment from : Ariya Josheghani

heinrich 1
15:12 I wonder how he knew it was 19 without looking at the card turn yet. which means the computer tells them what to do.
Comment from : heinrich 1

what's 21+3?
Comment from : Alby023

Thomas Grabowski
LOL! You're fucking good at this man!
Comment from : Thomas Grabowski

Pa Bis
She nodding off?
Comment from : Pa Bis

💙💛🧡💚 First girl was partying for 2 days straight and on heaps of drugs thats why she's fried and cant stay awake 💙💛🧡💚
Comment from : sommi

scarface 6731
Yo I am new to this do u get to keep the money and use it in real life lol and is this site trust worthy and do I use my money out of my account or do they give it to me thx
Comment from : scarface 6731

Poor lady she is sleeping
Comment from : reyazteca

Skate n Sneakerhead TV
Anybody else realize that girl dozing off every 5 seconds?

Comment from : Skate n Sneakerhead TV

alex ocean
Hahahaha the dealer sleep goodnight
Comment from : alex ocean

Turbo gig Woof
Is the exclusive dealer glitching out or what ????? Either way bad bad behaviour for this site
Comment from : Turbo gig Woof

JD Rev
she is nodding...she’s high. i would be too, it’s a great job!
Comment from : JD Rev

Nate Spigelmyer
I literally thought that her actions were pre-recorded, the life of these people are being sucked dry.
Comment from : Nate Spigelmyer

Riding Ponytas
is there something like this for european countries?
Comment from : Riding Ponytas

Philip Puglisi
Drug addict dealer
Comment from : Philip Puglisi

James Rose
I'm guessing they don't go to the end of the shoe so you can't count the cards - did I get that right? I've made about $10,000 profit on Blackjack in the past 5 years by doubling up on the loss (with a twist) - well done on the last go but against a 6 you have to do that. 2 threes on 2 eights is incredible luck though....
Comment from : James Rose

I think the lack of human contact fucks with them
Comment from : Mcdicks

Thats exactly what hazard do with you. First you stary small and win some games so you go bigger and bigger and start to lose more and more. You had a lot of luck that you won last hand, but it was very close
Comment from : good_stuff

I’ve never seen anyone almost fall asleep on the tab,e before, I work as a dealer and I know it’s hard but wow, I would be taken off almost instantly
Comment from : JamieButler190

Rob Tierney
This must be a dream gig for a dealer... She works, get's paid, and doesn't have to put up with cigar smoke.
Comment from : Rob Tierney

12:20 quite bad ;)
Comment from : 寿司泽辉

The first girl dealer was deff high on some type of drug
Comment from : Asap

Can someone rescue the first girl
Comment from : mylesaminute

jordan fraser
why did she hit when she already had a winning hand in first hand
Comment from : jordan fraser

She may be afraid that you complain her hahahaha
Comment from : CRACK LOVER

Andí Andí
Dayum well played
Comment from : Andí Andí

ahmed benchikha
wtffffffffffffff ???
u are so fucking lucky .. GJ tho <3

Comment from : ahmed benchikha

Borodyr Borodyr
Anastasija look like Igor Kurganov!))
Comment from : Borodyr Borodyr

Sam Abbas
Bless her
Comment from : Sam Abbas

Levla 22
The perfect hand at the end beautiful!
Comment from : Levla 22

Gregory Depanicis
Do you actually get paid real money on here?
Comment from : Gregory Depanicis

stuart mcmahon
loved that ballsy last hand, well done....
Comment from : stuart mcmahon

Adrian lol
That last hand was insane bro🔥
Comment from : Adrian lol

windsor career college!
great melons on the last dealer
Comment from : windsor career college!

Radu Prepelita
she needs some perico! LMFAOOO
Comment from : Radu Prepelita

Yo she was about to fall asleep😂😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Zak

Marco Mark Productions
in the other black jack videos i watched the dealer scans the card, but not in this one
Comment from : Marco Mark Productions

Ion Sorin
she is tired af, sad to see this....
Comment from : Ion Sorin

Jessica Albanka
Poor girl must be overworked!
BTW I also play against this lady in SURF casino.

Comment from : Jessica Albanka

MaxaTadze CR
12:11 Hahahah
Comment from : MaxaTadze CR

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