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So am I looking at it wrong, or did at 50:34 the dealer pay wrong? You bid $30 and got blackjack, should have won $45. You received back a Green and 5 Reds, which is $50. \o/ Win!
Comment from : David

Just been watching some of your videos and in Spain where I live we have slightly different rules. Dealer stands on soft 16 for instance. I've just had a bad weekend after a great few weeks, HOWEVER I caught out a casino stooge who was there to mess up our game, a player that walked around the casino then looked at his phone and sat at our table for one hand, ruined it and walked off. My mate was going to knock him out, but I said cool it. We know casinos employ stooges to upset tables, and dealers are dodgy (A very good mate of mine works in my local casino as a pit boss and he told me before anyone says different). If your slow at counting then they manipulate you. They offer free drinks so you get drunk. Play with what you can afford to lose, DO NOT go there expecting to win, you won't. People remember the good nights when you win 1'000,s but forget the bad night when you lose 500, except you lose more than win and if you add it up over a year, it was frighten you. Good luck and only play if you enjoy it. If you feel the table is bad or not in your favor, walk away or try another table. Lastly, splitting cards depends on what card the dealer is showing. Never split if the dealer is showing a 9 or higher, unless you have aces. Side bets lose more than they win, after watching some of your videos your on a ratio of every 5 win, 30 loss, but its your choice. If you ever get to Europe, message me and i'll show you how we play over here... We also lose lol
Comment from : dannyboyspain1

mnm addict
that was painful to watch. Next time!
Comment from : mnm addict

Mike c
Sour sour wold love to hear that all night
Comment from : Mike c

Julie G
Hey Sarah. Love these black jack live streams! Sorry the cards just weren't in your favor on this day. Better luck next time 🤗
Comment from : Julie G

Abdiaziz Farah
6:22 that's a push
Comment from : Abdiaziz Farah

What're Water
$1000 gone like that lol
Comment from : What're Water

She's lovely ...🥰
Comment from : 홍순국

Eric Park
Quick question, why and how are they allowing you to record in a casino? Thanks in advance love your channel!
Comment from : Eric Park

Never had a high positive deck the whole stream. Enjoyed your stream thank you. Subscribed.

Dough Boiii
I went to the casino with $10 and practiced counting . I go in bet my $10 and had two 4s against dealer 3. I hit and got a ace so 19! When he flipped over an 8 and drew a 10 i was soo pissed!!!
Comment from : Dough Boiii

Noe Aleman
Hey slot lady, have you played at The Orleans? Hand shuffle blackjack have better odds than those shoe machines. I have been up 3,300 starting with 300. Should give it a shot.
Comment from : Noe Aleman

C. J. Lau
Played this version of blackjack at the el Cortez last week after i saw it on your stream, very fun. I hit a straight flush on a 5 dollar side bet for 125! Thanks slotlady!
Comment from : C. J. Lau

Mandy Scott
What a wonderful session! Well done 👍
Comment from : Mandy Scott

Doug Masta
So when are you going to try sports betting ?
Comment from : Doug Masta

Brian Abuyen
Should start pressing your bets
Comment from : Brian Abuyen

Linda Dodson
Those shoes treated you brutally
Comment from : Linda Dodson

Linda Dodson
Just started following you and I am enjoying your video of BJ. I play BJ at Harrah’s Cherokee and love it.
Comment from : Linda Dodson

Classy lady!! last hand, I'll bet but save $25 to tip the dealer even when I lost. Others would have bet it all trying to get it back (thumbs up)....
Comment from : independent0425

Product -
Placing side bets on every hand is an easy way to drain your money....
Comment from : Product -

Kenny C
The longer you stay playing, the more chances of you losing.
Comment from : Kenny C

skip 0464a
i do not know how you can talk to the stream while playing, i would be so distracted.... but i am hooked on watching you gamble.... it has all the excitement and i am not losing money (as i do in the casino most times).... i know you don't have to answer but are you independently wealthy?
Comment from : skip 0464a

James Chavez
I would like to play alongside you. Me and my wife will be there December 20-23
Comment from : James Chavez

matthew Dreyer
i was waiting this whole yime for u to say monkey when the dealer had 12 and had to hit
Comment from : matthew Dreyer

Brian Hyatt
Love these kind of live-streams! Going on a cruise in 3 days, hopefully I get some luck on blackjack.
Comment from : Brian Hyatt

Vickie Parkhill
What a tough job you have! Playing, keeping track of everything....then dealing with the chatters. I have to hand it to you. You're not just a pretty face! You can really multitask!🌻🌼🌹🌷❤
Comment from : Vickie Parkhill

Surname Name
52:30 lol that is a push. She should have stopped taking a card after that 6 since that makes 17 total.
Comment from : Surname Name

Chris Lukasik
Just started watching some vids! Doing quite well :p even though I do question some of your moves but I guess there are many blackjack strategies!
Comment from : Chris Lukasik

Frank Trenton
There's a little bit she could do like tiny bit on her bet pattern but I don't see how anyone can hate her strategy play she's playing great
Comment from : Frank Trenton

There are, what I call, dealer shoes and player shoes. When I lose a few hands in a row, I'll play two hands for one turn, just to change up the lay of the cards. It works more than not.
Comment from : chenryrex

just saying
What better job to have, gambling on YouTube, awesome!!!
Comment from : just saying

“Sour” 😂
Comment from : TheShadownight44

Patrick Kowarsch
Quickly question if you only know the minimum of basic strategy why don't you use a basic strategy card that you can get anywhere and use at the table.
Comment from : Patrick Kowarsch

Salvatore Stabile
You had a good flush roughly 3:20. You had 8Q. They didn't pay you
Comment from : Salvatore Stabile

Kacie _
Missed that double at 5:24
Comment from : Kacie _

andrew wohlfart
Gotta give you credit, took the beating like a champ. Didn't piss and moan like a lot of people do and still tipped the dealer
Comment from : andrew wohlfart

RayD Official
5:18 me fashpalming right there for not doubling down against a 6 lol
Comment from : RayD Official

Love these streams because I am learning to card count lmao. You were dealt bad shoes at times. Keep it up!
Comment from : MrScaryHades

Taha Coşkun
Comment from : Taha Coşkun

Curt Sheldon
Your the prettiest lady on YouTube!
Comment from : Curt Sheldon

I don't like that some people were telling you how to play, but I get them wanting you to make the most money. You winning equals more streams which equals, hopefully, more winning!
Comment from : Bladeofwar94

Just subbed I had a feeling you were from Toronto.. it’s true there is such thing as a Toronto accent lol
Comment from : Moe_Mentum

Sarah your such a sweetie... you have all the other gals on YouTube beat hands down.
Comment from : catdvds

kaka chan
When the dealer was strong (i.e you can’t win by hitting 20/21)
just stop a while as dealer always will win in the next 3/4 games.. not a scientific explanation though . But i note this always happens after having +5000 games bj experiences in casino...

Comment from : kaka chan

Baraket Andemicael
how much does that casino pay for suited trips??? 100/1???
Comment from : Baraket Andemicael

very pretty girl
Comment from : ENES ÖZTÜRK

Kehan Ma
Super bad luck.
Comment from : Kehan Ma

Kendra Ruiz
We should play sometime hahah
Comment from : Kendra Ruiz

Ray Mayor
5-5 on dealer's 6 have to double down
Comment from : Ray Mayor

Tellz K
4 A A 2. What is that? Sums up your whole session!
Comment from : Tellz K

Mariah W
Do u go to Vegas alone?
Comment from : Mariah W

Mariah W
If you did one without side bet I just want to see what would happen
Comment from : Mariah W

Mariah W
How much do you spend to get a table?
Comment from : Mariah W

Mariah W
Do you stay at el Cortez? Or what hotel do you mostly choose
Comment from : Mariah W

Frank B
Take the Bears this Sunday! Better luck next time
Comment from : Frank B

deman31607 deman31607
3 card poker or Mississippi Stud next or even 4 card poker. Love the live-streams I wish my casino near me would let me do this
Comment from : deman31607 deman31607

Muhammed Türken
2:23 They did not pay 3 to 2 for BJ, I do not know if I missed something?
Comment from : Muhammed Türken

Kevin Tourville
Was hopping through the casinos in Downtown LV and finally checked out El Cortez while you were filming this. Saw you filming and had to ask what was going on and they showed me your channel. Would have loved to have sat down and play with you but I was there to play the single deck. Better luck next time.
Comment from : Kevin Tourville

Hey all, how come they allow her to film live table games!???
Comment from : MrMillionairewill

Loren Chrisman
Bad luck! Sometimes you're the bug, sometimes you're the windshield. It just wasn't your day
Comment from : Loren Chrisman

Sue Smith
Sarah go play Spanish blackjacks at the Venetian or plazzo... it’s match the dealer card like your side bet but the payout is more if you get a suited match.. you can make a lot of money when you’re 🍀 lucky!! Unfortunately you can’t record there though
Comment from : Sue Smith

Nikos Kalantas
We love these Sarah! Just an advice for BJ.. be more aggressive with double downs and upping your bet when hot... That’s the only advantages you have..

If you’re playing at same bet, it’s very hard to win. You got multiple blackjacks. Imagine having 200-300$ on those?? Best of luck

Comment from : Nikos Kalantas

Wayne Meyer
Guys the lady has balls dont give her shit please i like watching her play and she makes the same calls i would have made so i like her...please dont be assholes...
Comment from : Wayne Meyer

David Lee
last hand on 6 mind 33 sec both player has 13 90 percent there a small card to protect one self then a bust cause both players aim for a 8 under hand card last hand red card out 80 percent low is better on 1 or 2 hit you could had save yourself as well
Comment from : David Lee

David Lee
at 5 min 22 sec yu had 5 and 5 dealer has 5 showing it should had beena double down but you only hit no one remind you there was a few times you could have won on the double down a well focus this stream should been a profit not a loss
Comment from : David Lee

brandon wood
Sarah- some unsolicited advice. You do pretty well playing basic strategy. You should look into a bankroll strategy. If you simply play over and over with the same bet until you lose then house odds, though slight, will play out. The goal is to win quickly by maximizing on streaks. Look into the "ad a unit" strategy which is basically when you win you add a unit to the bet. Then when you lose you go back to the base bet. Bankroll strategy is just as important as basic strategy. This being said, side bets are still sucker bets long term. Casinos constantly change them if they allow too many wins. I still do them for fun if I feel lucky but not with every hand the way that you do. This is simply playing into the casino favored odds. Anyway. Thanks for the awesome live BJ stream. I really enjoy your channel! I assume that you make much more from donations and views so watching you play with play money is super fun! I'm jealous! Good Luck!
Comment from : brandon wood

Caydance Kiehl
What didn’t u say the other 2 people at the beginning? 😢
Comment from : Caydance Kiehl

Deni RN
Driving me crazy w side bets. That’s killing u in this game. Why don’t u Double-Down on 2-5sor any combo of 10,when dealer’s showing 3-6?! Make up 4 all those rotten hands u got. Also, keep an eye on the end of the deck when deciding whether to hit or not.
Comment from : Deni RN

Asaf Pries
U had a flush on 3:38 and u missed it 😏
Comment from : Asaf Pries

Robbie CatMan TV
Do they have the game 21 there no 10s?
Comment from : Robbie CatMan TV

Robbie CatMan TV
Love the I got 20 sneaky bit haha 😂 lol xxx poor women could of got her sacked! I love ur videos and I have to agree with u! Ur maths is not good ! But it doesn’t matter! Haha x when u play cards a long time ur maths dramatically increases and numbers and calculations. So can u not do videos in other casinos? I’m going Vegas first time in a few months if I see u x
Comment from : Robbie CatMan TV

Thomas Spears
What's with all the trolls commenting?! If they're so perfect, why aren't they starting their own channels?!
Comment from : Thomas Spears

Dave Vining
didn't double at 10 against a 6 . 5:22
Comment from : Dave Vining

My suggestion is you shouldn’t bet on flush plus and any pairs,because the Expected value is minus.
Comment from : NaHCO3碳酸氫鈉

You’re so beautiful and sweet.And the vlog is excellent !
Comment from : NaHCO3碳酸氫鈉

Gary Sharp
Boy slot lady has some spunk, sounds like my daughter lol. 😁
Comment from : Gary Sharp

Gary Sharp
That dealer kept moving the chips from one hand to the other, that was a big no no when I was a dealer
Comment from : Gary Sharp

Bronson Kelly
Should’ve doubled on those 5’s against a 6
Comment from : Bronson Kelly

Lisa Haviland
Just watched the live stream Sarah, Maybe you didn't end up winning, but it was so fun to watch , I love watching you play the game even if you don't love the Game🤑🤑🤑
Comment from : Lisa Haviland

Mar cus
Are those side bets really worth it?
Comment from : Mar cus

Straight up
I love your face cut. And your voice.very addictive🤗🤩
Comment from : Straight up

Eric J. Ortiz
Weather u won or not, doesn't really matter to me. i'm just happy that someones doing live blackjack streams. Please keep these coming
Comment from : Eric J. Ortiz

Vatche Dero
This girl lives in el cortez not canada
Comment from : Vatche Dero

sorry you lost princess but like you always say next time....
Comment from : NMNADER

Can you play paigow?
Comment from : krazziejrboi

Keith Bewhay
Wow that was rough, love watching your streams hate when you lose, good luck for next time, thanks
Comment from : Keith Bewhay

I Know You!
Comment from : I Know You!

Carolyn Chin
Brutal beating Sarah. But I like the streams that you do. Hang in there!!
Comment from : Carolyn Chin

Leonard Frost
Your Money your rules
Comment from : Leonard Frost

Jonathan Tubby
It’s all good! Everybody has they day & that was ur day.. keep it up with the good videos and table games. I seen you kill it plenty of times.. good luck for the future next time👍🏽
Comment from : Jonathan Tubby

Tina Burton
That was rough. I've been there too. Better luck next time, Sarah! You'll get it back baby!
Comment from : Tina Burton

sam milligan
Hi Sarah, just joined your channel, really enjoying your live card stream, although you did not have much luck this time and I personally would have not played much different
Thank you for taking the time and effort in streaming these videos
Thank you again

Comment from : sam milligan

Its not about winning or loosing in gambeling, its about enjoying the whole experience. Taking a drink flirting with the dealer. Taking huge risks that pay of or dont. The thrill of the hunt 😄
Comment from : filtru1

yasmin sparrow
LOL!! I love it! All the perfect players out there telling you how to play. They should be out playing, making their own money! And no, that isn't the unluckiest set of cards I've seen...Last Saturday you should have seen mine! ):
Comment from : yasmin sparrow

Chris Benjamin
Oh what a lovely tea party...
Comment from : Chris Benjamin

The Man
I hate that I missed this sour livestream. Sarah, you will get them next time. Hope to see it meet you one day to get your autograph 😘
Comment from : The Man

Hi nice session good luck from UK

Jeff Ng
Hi Sarah, I just watched your stream wow total loss bummer. Sorry your heart wasn't into that session probably didn't help that people tried to tell you how to play. Well Sarah I won't tell you how to play any table games cause I know less than you do on them. Ok I'll shut up now before this turns into a manual script. Well you keep on smiling Sarah, and have yourself a G'day love.
Comment from : Jeff Ng

Jeffrey Guntle
Enjoy the video! It was still fun entertaining! Hopefully next time!
Comment from : Jeffrey Guntle

shen ho Leong
5.20 was a double down. MUST double! You miss it
Comment from : shen ho Leong

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