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'Real gamblers' seem to hate roulette because it has the worst odds. 0/00 wheel especially. I play all the time (when I go) and it's just a fun game for entertainment. Like any casino game if you're trying to make the rent...dont. There is no pressure like blackjack...no one is betting you hit the number like craps. It's you and usually a bunch of friendly people having fun. Been on a hot streak recently and of course that makes it that much more fun.
Really enjoy these videos and wish there were more. One thing I've noticed is no one plays my favorite numbers. Or very few. And good thing because they NEVER hit in the videos. Crazy. Occasionally a neighborhood number hits but rarely my main ones. Keep up the good work. More roulette please!

Comment from : BDK

So playing in the high rollers room is your chances better at winning on the slots?
Comment from : BeltCutter

Jay Bacon
He never films when the dealer spins & throws the ball at the SAME time...
Comment from : Jay Bacon

Ken Brown
I tried to subscribe , but , got a message that says I have too many subscriptions !!!!
Comment from : Ken Brown

Bruce Kwak
I’m a lottery winner and need to hire that woman in glasses for private roulette class
Comment from : Bruce Kwak

Ryan Weaver
11 min in and it hit all my number so far. This is my dealer 2,3,4,7,9,15,17,20,21,22,23,27,29,32,36 never end up in the negative with them
Comment from : Ryan Weaver

Zack Zukowski
yeah chick with the glasses is a dime
Comment from : Zack Zukowski

Sep Tember
Nothing more annoying than Americans playing craps or roulette 😩
Comment from : Sep Tember

At 23:16 the guy over pays the girl with the purple chips 🧐🧐🧐
Comment from : ConflictDaDon

Say Are
Next time you do a video don't let the sexy women in grey play I could not watch probably because she has the best pair of tits beautiful
Comment from : Say Are

clive Reich
Comment from : clive Reich

Musta Elmar
Muy Mame plaise and 36 7 ist good
Comment from : Musta Elmar

Cookie Munt.
The best way to play Roulette is this- Do say 29 and the neighbours, 7,18,22,28 and 29. Make 29 your main number. When you hit a number pile it all back on those numbers. Its the only way to win big. a 3 or 4 timer in your area. These mongs like many others are prepared to lose big but never to win big.
Comment from : Cookie Munt.

Bring that same energy
Roulette is rigged. Grab a picture of the roulette wheel. And watch them play. Whatever numbers are available is where they aim. We only win, when they miss those numbers
Comment from : Bring that same energy

I want to create a video but my balance still lowwwwww

Marian Dan
Comment from : Marian Dan

Pierre Desarzens
Jouer plus gros
Comment from : Pierre Desarzens

Pierre Svenson
hello from zürich 🇨🇭
Comment from : Pierre Svenson

@46:28 he puts down a orange $1 chip instead of his $5 chip. When he split 8-11. Casino ripped him off
Comment from : therank777

Gregory Davis
Love the roulette play, hope to see more!
Comment from : Gregory Davis

chad lewis
I just watched cause of the girl with the glasses
Comment from : chad lewis

fay nouvokita
Can i play live casino.? Ihope in there place...
Comment from : fay nouvokita

fay nouvokita
Raja is indonesian kings.
Comment from : fay nouvokita

Papito Lindo 92
I am a pitboss
This is a right handed roulette and why is the dealer paying with his right hand ????? He must use his outside hand to do give away the chips .......

Comment from : Papito Lindo 92

Agung Setiawan
Bos gmana kok bisa booommm kasih tau cara nya bos ku,,,
Comment from : Agung Setiawan

Michael Monaghan
What is a super chat
Comment from : Michael Monaghan

Warren Pamment
27:39 argh yes he did have a bet on the corner of 31 lucky you filmed it
Comment from : Warren Pamment

Jonas Kofoed
In the end of the video u bet an orange chip between 8 and 11. The dealer must have given u a wrong color!
Comment from : Jonas Kofoed

Volkan Cihan
Comment from : Volkan Cihan

Lalrem Puia
why not show how much you win?its difficult to figure it out from the video!
Comment from : Lalrem Puia

Daniel Berra
son de terror jugando ruleta
Comment from : Daniel Berra

Matt Brothers
Love the slot ladies!!! 🥰
Comment from : Matt Brothers

Mario Hein
The live roulette was awesome! Thank you for this live stream!
Comment from : Mario Hein

Darek T
Hello from Canada and good luck and win big
Comment from : Darek T

Roulette is a great game if you bet big and hit your number in a few spins. Usually though roulette is an incredibly difficult game to predict which makes it one of the most devastating games to play. Since Raja is trying to get his audience onto the roulette tables please pay attention to my warning: "You have a 2% chance of landing any single number". Those are your odds, so only play in short bursts once or twice a month depending on how often you play. If you don't gamble don't start.
Comment from : goodtimes

Edgar Bowker
Pick 3
Comment from : Edgar Bowker

Dan the Man Slots
LOVE the LIVE roulette! Thank you Raja for letting play with the TBJ crew!
Comment from : Dan the Man Slots

Charlotte Nasise
Quite different from usual videos.
Comment from : Charlotte Nasise

A Poet's Corner
Raja’s Roulette was so much fun to watch last night....it’s a nice, refreshing break away from boring slot machines. Rewatching again.
Comment from : A Poet's Corner

John Najdek
love some live roulette thanks scott
Comment from : John Najdek

jason peters
Pit lady is a hater
Comment from : jason peters

Big Rig slots
Lacy needs to be dressed in a high fashion flowing dress or gown with a diamond necklace and earrings. Just like in the Bond movies..she is just stunning!
Comment from : Big Rig slots

Daniel Smith
Baller status if they let you keep iPad on table. I get yelled at for even looking at my phone
Comment from : Daniel Smith

Marilyn Flynn
Hello Slot Ladies, nice to see you J Money, keep ROCKIN' out the music. Dan the Man, Bod, and TBJ Thanks for the LIVE PLAY! Hello Tee.
Comment from : Marilyn Flynn

Who's the tig bitty blonde?
Comment from : MonacoGP

bernie udo
Raja pretty much owns this place. 😇
Comment from : bernie udo

Big Tokin Mofo
Was an amazing streak while it lasted!!!
Comment from : Big Tokin Mofo

Carrie Culver
Slot ladies rule #slot #ladies #rule #Melissa is beautiful.
Comment from : Carrie Culver

Michael Twichell
9 baby
Comment from : Michael Twichell

Michael Twichell
jordan23 Tesla said the key to the universe is 3 6 9😜
Comment from : Michael Twichell

Michael Twichell
13 is Michael's number 11 is Satan🤔
Comment from : Michael Twichell

Michael Twichell
Double down 11 13
Comment from : Michael Twichell

Michael Twichell
Big hit on 20 smoking $hot
Comment from : Michael Twichell

Thumbs up for #SlotLadies
Comment from : rrCHRISxx

Patrick Barnwell
boom Boom BOOM 😎👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💣💣💣
Comment from : Patrick Barnwell

V8 Rice Killer
Hello from Calgary, Alberta!
Comment from : V8 Rice Killer

oby saputra69
Comment from : oby saputra69

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