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Jeff Bozz
Cherokee is beautiful. Only ugly thing about it was Alice’s disparaging remarks about other poker players. Makes you a very ugly person and i am very happy you had a losing trip. Bye felecia! #karmaisabitch
Comment from : Jeff Bozz

Carlos  Avila
Do they still make vlogs?
Comment from : Carlos Avila

Ah, reminds me of my college days in Western NC. What trail was that 6 miler?
Comment from : YardSalePicasso

cassy j
Comment from : cassy j

Joeski PLOski
I'm not from Cherokee but it is my home casino. Keep up the vlogs! I like the style of the vlogs you produce and the dynamic of having each of you grind
Comment from : Joeski PLOski

Guns and Pussy
Dunning–Kruger effect
In the field of psychology, the Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people of low ability have illusory superiority and mistakenly assess their cognitive ability as greater than it is. The cognitive bias of illusory superiority comes from the inability of low-ability people to recognize their lack of ability. Without the self-awareness of metacognition, low-ability people cannot objectively evaluate their actual competence or incompetence.[1]

Comment from : Guns and Pussy

Comment from : jrcastee

Jose M
I think when u get called preflop against a player that is very strong you should bet flop smaller in my opinion about 1/4. This allows for you to be able to call a raise and set up a bluff unimproved. You are blocking some combos of AK and AQ but no A in your hand. I would include a very strong range once he calls the flop. AA-QQ/AK . I guess the big turn bet would have folded everything but AA. I personally would have bet 1/4 flop/check turn and plan to bluff river unimproved. Or go for value on the river if we get there. Great Vlog guys!!! Please keep posting such awesome videos and poker times. Very inspirational ❤️❤️✌🏻✌🏻👊👊 by the way BIG hopes i can meet you guys one day🤩
Comment from : Jose M

Crazy how common "lose" and "loose" are misused in the comment section
Comment from : Josh

YouCantFixStupid Skillz
Ummm... Don't fish loose money?? Calling everyone fish and then loosing 5k+?? Ummm... Maybe your the fish??? I don't know, Just sayin.......
Comment from : YouCantFixStupid Skillz

BossmAn9223 -
You guys got a dope vlog.. keep it up! Run good !
Comment from : BossmAn9223 -

Lazy Liberty Network
What's the link to ur poker app
Comment from : Lazy Liberty Network

hands down the worst poker vlog out there
Comment from : TeamThorntonGames

Christopher Standridge
Where'd you guys get the Crawfish at up there? Play the $200 sit n go's next time wsop is at Cherokee. You won't regret it!!
Comment from : Christopher Standridge

Oscar S
Hate the music.
Comment from : Oscar S

Peter Dawson
The hand at the end makes little sense. You firstly say the guy is super nitty..... he flats a 4 bet for 275..... what range do you put him on if he is super nitty? is he really calling 4 bets with TT or AQo? The value of 4 betting your hand is to get hands like AQ to fold, which im guessing he does nearly 100% of the time. Im guessing guys like this also ditch JJ or even QQ to huge 4 bets. Im guessing he jams with maybe KK and AKs ......what does he flat in position?....the hands he wants to keep in.....hoping you will tilt off....it worked. He was never folding having under repped his hand in position. IMHO not too many nits are fishy. Playing tight is pretty much the way to go in games that have a mixture of player types. I win most of my money vs loose players who cant fold top pair when I make a set.... not by unleashing fancy plays to get nitty players to fold in small pots.
Comment from : Peter Dawson

Welcome to NC
Comment from : sigtau86

Mike Postle
Seriously bro, take that fukkin pen and paper off the table. That's really a dbag move
Comment from : Mike Postle

are you 2 dating?
Comment from : Boss

Joan Fisher
Was that hike in the Smoky's Mt. Le Conte? It sure looked like it. It's my favorite of all hikes. So much variation along that hike and 4 different paths to get up there, depending on where you park. The restaurant with the crawdad's, was that in Cherokee?
Comment from : Joan Fisher

She out leveled herself and over analyzed the KQs hand.. Way too spewy
Comment from : Andy

jerry coburn
great vlog guys and alice, i envey you
Comment from : jerry coburn

Dustin Walter
Fish fish fish, nit nit nit, dump dump.
Comment from : Dustin Walter

Hey I was the kid who saw you today, it was nice seeing y’all in person! Btw were y’all playing the $600 buyin tournament today and if so how’d you do?
Comment from : SW33TFUSIONZ

Will be watching for you guys crush the world series...and the cash games
Comment from : tapouut

La Flama Blanca
“Hiking noises”
Comment from : La Flama Blanca

That's my home casino
Comment from : ryanredmond2007

top vlog
Comment from : RhinoSavage

do you know how often a true nit 3 bets? as often as they get dealt AK +. hmm interesting 4 bet
Comment from : BK MONEYSTACKS

What’s the restaurant called at the end of the video?
Comment from : ranz1022

sean arya
sorry Alice but calling people a fish and then getting taken to the cleaners when your opponent has aces should make you think maybe your table of opponents arent as fishy as you thought, especially when you 3 bet your KQ of spades and don't get 4 bet by the button who actually has pocket aces, sounds like a competent player not a fish. And most importantly i think your rational in that hand might not be the best as most players in position will float in position with AK and AQ so once the Ace hits you're more likely to be behind here, plus your opponent might even have a hand like A5, A3, A2, or A4 of spades, there are just so many more combo's of hands of floats and flush draws that beat you than there are of pocket pairs like 10's JJ's considering you have the blockers for Kings and Quenns
Comment from : sean arya

Solo Driver 1981
Great idea.... cold 4 bet a NIT 3 bettor with kq out of position
Comment from : Solo Driver 1981

John Rice
Love the vlogs, but if I could make a small suggestion, tone down the whole "everyone is a fish" thing. Although you may be correct in doing so, it just seems a bit arrogant, and will turn some viewers away. Or maybe if there was some reasoning behind why they are fish, like specific hands they played bad, it would be helpful to us fish watching.
Comment from : John Rice

Mohr Publicity
What do you think? A FEMALE Poker Player is going to play the WSOP this year disguised as a MAN. She says she wins 5 times more often this way because of sexism at the tables. See the new photo of her in drag at the BLACK WIDOW POKER website. The WSOP says they will kick her out with no refund. Her book about this adventure is on Amazon.
Comment from : Mohr Publicity

Eric Hillermann
Great video.
Comment from : Eric Hillermann

mike long
You may want to watch Brad Owens rendition of " take someone else to. .value town"😂 it could be quite inspirational and maybe you will be in the driver seat heading to value town next time 👍💪
Comment from : mike long

Matthias Benger
Nice video guys 👍😀
Comment from : Matthias Benger

Hiking & camping in the Smokeys has been on my list for a while, looks like I need to make the trip soon.
Comment from : mero40k

Junior Ferg
Living your best life guys! Love the vlogs keep the grind going. Come to Miami soon !!!!
Comment from : Junior Ferg

Aaron Schmitz
Sorry for all the difficulties you guys and Tom have faced recently but very glad to see you guys are back on the vlog grind. Keep up the good work!
Comment from : Aaron Schmitz

You overplayed that KQ suited hand IMO
Comment from : soccer123chris

Dose One
Another good vid!! Thanks HHP!! I'm sure I'll see some of yall at Winstar this Memorial Day weekend. It's 11:20am Friday and they already have 33 tables goin. GOOD LUCK GUYS AND GAL!!! #k❤
Comment from : Dose One

FYI, Don't drink water that's flowing over the ground without sterilizing it! Good chance you catch Giardia or similar. Nice hike though!
Comment from : sejje

Philip Doan
See y’all at the WPT in choctaw coming up next month!! 💯💯
Comment from : Philip Doan

James Guest
My favorite par is you and her falling in love?? Please can we have insight on this?
Comment from : James Guest

quote of episode "table is super super super juicy! fish 1 to fish 8" hahah you guys are awesome. Nice vlog!
Comment from : Jason

John O Callaghan
Don't really understand preflop against the nit and the fish. Even without the information that the guy is extremely nitty. You have a spot in which you get to play a pot in position against both players with KQs. Your ranges for 4betting preflop that you mention in the video also seem extremely bad when you are 200bb deep against a nit.
Comment from : John O Callaghan

Who were the fish again?
Comment from : apyt100

AsAcUTG 24
Calls everyone from my home casino a fish 🐠 than proceeds to loose a combined 5500.00 💵 for the week 😆 not saying y’all are 🐠 but I think that is funny. Traveling and poker is hard to do it’s expensive especially if your loosing. Always have enjoyed when I had a loss in a place that has great scenery like Cherokee or like a place like Biloxi ms can’t stand loosing in tunica ms there is absolutely not one thing to do there but look at a river literally and figuratively.
Comment from : AsAcUTG 24

Ant Ross
myself and my lady did the same thing! we stayed in Atlanta and drove to Cherokee, NC. Awesome scenery and pleasent peolple. We just played cash tho! Run good brotha!
Comment from : Ant Ross

Great vlog. If I saw correctly, Alice was on a table with Adam Hendrix in the KQss hand! He’s a twitch streamer, just thought that was cool. Definitely loved this one, great job.
Comment from : Syki

nice vlog, betting small on the turn with kqss will accomplish more than shoving
Comment from : lgscsc

Daniel Campise
Good editing guys! Enjoyed the video.
Comment from : Daniel Campise

Josh Burgess
The bear grils edit when he was drinking out the straw had me dead 😂😂😂
Comment from : Josh Burgess

nit rec 3b small then called 4b and had aces? no way!
Comment from : Stephen

Clint Perkinson
Nice vlog. Are nick and Alice a couple?
Comment from : Clint Perkinson

Chris Davidson
What did you think of the players in the 2/5 game?
Comment from : Chris Davidson

Corey Hickman
I made the 10 hour drive from Ohio and got 1 hour sleep in my car lol Played the $365 500K event...went out 270th out of 1319 for $0 and immediately drove 10 hours back home. It was a nice property! I think you are the one that busted me, I had 10's vs your Q's
Comment from : Corey Hickman

Farren Mathena
I am a fan! Found your vlog a week ago. Enjoyed your interview with Poker News. Hope to see you at Winstar before you head to Vegas.
Comment from : Farren Mathena

Tyler Bentz
You guys are awesome, keep up the hard work!
Comment from : Tyler Bentz

Ben Czapla
Love this channel!!!
Comment from : Ben Czapla

Jerodgreenfield Greenfield
SwineFlu loves you guys!
Comment from : Jerodgreenfield Greenfield

Michael Towle
Wait, what were those noises Alice made again?
Comment from : Michael Towle

Conrad Eaton
Love your vlogs I’m from N.C. so that’s the Casino that I frequent! Cool to get your take on it!
Comment from : Conrad Eaton

James Hendrix
Did they allow you to film in Cherokee? Or did you do it on the down low?
Comment from : James Hendrix

Wayne Moore
Are you and Alice in love?
Comment from : Wayne Moore

Jason Cornell
Another great vlog 😎😎😎 #WinThoseFlips
Comment from : Jason Cornell

logan roberts
Hey coach it’s Logan Roberts
Comment from : logan roberts

Chase Wood
Comment from : Chase Wood

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