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ganesh nath
இப்போ offer உள்ளதா சார் கிடைக்குமா நன்றி
Comment from : ganesh nath

Vignesh M
Bonuse not received
Comment from : Vignesh M

loki lk
Now available this offer??
Comment from : loki lk

Sathiya Moorthi
innum offer eruka?
Comment from : Sathiya Moorthi

Chetan Rajani
Bonus Received 10$.. Thanks sir
Comment from : Chetan Rajani

Manikandan N
10$ bonus received, thanks sir
Comment from : Manikandan N

Superbook tamil
Account open before one week but not credit I ask to channel admin but no response
Comment from : Superbook tamil

Kullal Sooraj
I got the 10 $ to my accounts
Comment from : Kullal Sooraj

hj rossiana
Still available this offer?
Comment from : hj rossiana

100%Gvtjob,tech&online earning channel
I received bonus 10 $ thanks sir
Comment from : 100%Gvtjob,tech&online earning channel

Anbu Sekar
I have received bonus
Comment from : Anbu Sekar

Manivasagam Raja
10$ bonus received.. Thank you
Comment from : Manivasagam Raja

Thanking you sir
Comment from : AEC

Bonouse will be receiving 10 dolers doesn't fake sorry my previous coment it's will be realy
Comment from : AEC

viral & trndz
Comment from : viral & trndz

viral & trndz
Received $10
Comment from : viral & trndz

Amalane Gabriel
Received 10$ in binary account. Very good. Thank you Mr.Manikandan. lot of informations are gain from your channel. Very useful.
Comment from : Amalane Gabriel

Anish Kishore
Error varuthu ???
Comment from : Anish Kishore

comedy champions
Comment from : comedy champions

kannan Ar
Still available this offer?
Comment from : kannan Ar

MS- Series
My Id CR1037071 sir please check it
Comment from : MS- Series

thanigaivel j
Bonus recieved 😊 thanks..
Comment from : thanigaivel j

Lucky Trader
Ipo iruka offer
Comment from : Lucky Trader

Tamilneedhi S
Thank you sir,. Received bonus $10
Comment from : Tamilneedhi S

Jehosh J
Wow, I got bonus 10$... Thank you so much ji...
Comment from : Jehosh J

Jayaraman Elumalai
10$ bonus received sir, any tips for trade binary post sir...
Comment from : Jayaraman Elumalai

Jake Bruening
The trading market requires experience and an expert, Little thought is given to that fact and it will not help you manage your balance so you can get through bad patches and maximize winning this can easily creep up - a common losing streak of three in a row could see the account balance of that trader drop by 30%. Mr. George Wilstin has being my mentor and guide, thank you Mate.
Comment from : Jake Bruening

Rohit Kumar
should i select the opening direct link and register or account from banner link??? please i'm new here
Comment from : Rohit Kumar

I came across the recommendations of David Haggard here on a youtobe video managing trades for beginners making steady profits. Please how true is this claims as i would like to go ahead and trade with his management.
Comment from : MS. OCASIO CORTEZ

Sabari Ram
bonus received 10$ thank u ...
Comment from : Sabari Ram

Bull Forex
received bonus 10$, Thanks bro....
Comment from : Bull Forex

Jason Durham
Lol, I know this guty didn't just make a full video on how to make 10$ where I'm making over 6k weekly from my traders strategy. There's levels to this trading
Comment from : Jason Durham

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