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a a
Can anyone tell me how can I get playing cards like this one they use please?
Comment from : a a

jookoskookos ananas
Commentator likes to lead small on the river to get called.
Comment from : jookoskookos ananas

Crimson King
bunch of fucking fish. wish I was at that table. seat 1 is a dick
Comment from : Crimson King

principe alla moda
this comentator is so lame.. He sees the whole cards and he acts like a pro and giving the players advice while commentating
Comment from : principe alla moda

Ashley Kueret
Online Casinos — The Real Truth Exposed! METHOD INSIDE t.co/eB0IPN7WNU
Comment from : Ashley Kueret

Yaji Ren
can anyone explian why on 9:36 patrik can bet 6000 into a 1000 pot? Isn't it pot limit?
Comment from : Yaji Ren

This game is so damn fun...I'm a holdem player but learning PLO has been cool...much more dynamic than Holdem and players still don't agree on the best strategy so it's pretty interesting...I think the edge a good player has in PLO surpasses Holdem as many play Holdem well these days.
Comment from : Littlecake

Michael wostal
Englischer Kommentator hervorragend, !

Und bitte lasst den Jens Knosalla irgend was anderes machen seine Schreierei ins Micro sind eine Katastrophe und von Poker versteht erleider auch nicht viel !

Und Leon hat sowohl bei Holdem als auch bei Omaha einen Quantensprung vollbracht, er ist sicher für viele Profispieler eine Herausforderung, eine Freude ihm beim Spielen zuzusehen Gratuliere an ihm und seinem Trainer !

Comment from : Michael wostal

Phil Knirck
Why is the picture quality so horrible
Comment from : Phil Knirck

Peter Latham
awful commentary
Comment from : Peter Latham

JohnDamenify X
Comment from : JohnDamenify X

gay ass Europeans
Comment from : TheHeavyb1985

Munk pointed out someone got cheated outta 22K... Looking for it now.
Comment from : Doc91

robert lamotta
Commentator sounds like Tony Robinson.
Comment from : robert lamotta

I wonder how many cash Antonius got payed for wearing the Cash Kings Logo.
Comment from : Marv_elous

Jonathan Depa
Need more PLO cash on Youtube
Comment from : Jonathan Depa

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