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Nigel Mansell’s moustache
You can’t be all loosey goosey eating a sandwich
Comment from : Nigel Mansell’s moustache

Hoang Nguyen
Chad brown moving in on flush was dumb. Idiot wendal all in on A3 was dumb. 88 vs AQ was dumb.
Comment from : Hoang Nguyen

10:37 Can anyone explain how a flush didn't beat Negreanu's three of a kind? I'm new to poker
Comment from : Frosticious

speed 1.75 big brain moves
Comment from : DeathSprii

Kieran Clarke
"gimme some of them teeth" LOOOOOOL
Comment from : Kieran Clarke

Spencer Ingermanson
Due to his openness, Daniel's is a good person to watch to demonstrate most people know they are behind when the call a bet and lose
Comment from : Spencer Ingermanson

Micah Luv
Pretty pretty pretty cheap XD any other curb fans out there? 15:00
Comment from : Micah Luv

Bart Duynstee
such a difference in mood. friendly poker is fun to watch. so different from hellmuth
Comment from : Bart Duynstee

31:51 lol in 9 cards there were: 4 Aces, 3 9s and 2 3s
Comment from : TheGeneralWolf

Tim Lols
in this video negreanu gets away from extremely easy spots?
Comment from : Tim Lols

Is it possible to hate Daniel?
Comment from : chuckgobbo

Tim Young
Mr. Sheppard thought he won that hand with the Kd on the river... NOPE! Empty your seat sir.
Comment from : Tim Young

Sami Haddad
At one point it didn’t look like Daniel was acting to trap Wendell but more sad he knew he was going to wreck him.
Comment from : Sami Haddad

Karma Loop
30:30 why did you do that randell daniel destroyed u after xD
Comment from : Karma Loop

Truth Tube
Sturgeon really suits that guy who has the really bad teeth
Comment from : Truth Tube

Kevin Beattie
Negreanu is the real Worm from Rounders
Comment from : Kevin Beattie

Bum Diddily Dee
7:38 if Daniel doesn't say things as if he was implying that he doesn't have anything, he could have raised 15k more to represent a straight.
Comment from : Bum Diddily Dee

Hello everybody
No one shall win in a Bengals Jersey! Says the poker gods
Comment from : Hello everybody

poopy Doo Doo britches
For the love of GOD stop talking with a fake accent.
Comment from : poopy Doo Doo britches

Armond Welch
31:35 I actually think that was a mercy move by Negreanu. He didn't put Wendel all in, he let him bury himself. But he gave Wendel the chance to check it through
Comment from : Armond Welch

Freestyle L7Jetlag
31:45 isn’ t a draw? Full house AA 999 for both
Comment from : Freestyle L7Jetlag

Giulio Burratti
poker is dead and the fault are yours, all those poker torunament are so boring and the encore men is a shit talker, glad you all died
Comment from : Giulio Burratti

Safwan Sabri
Comment from : Safwan Sabri

Fresh Construction
Cost of information
Comment from : Fresh Construction

Hey Lamkin!!You know nothing about poker!!Have you ever seen somebody who is calling ''all in'' only with two eight?

Steve H
some of the worst poker i've ever seen played
Comment from : Steve H

For a guy who’s only won a few tourneys. He sure gets the accolades
Comment from : Kilnmaster

first guy was probably card dead and trying to create some action before drowning in blinds
Comment from : uchibenkei

Lee McDaid - Donegal 60fps
31:27 Possibly the worst all-in shove you will ever see at a final table.
Comment from : Lee McDaid - Donegal 60fps

Dwayne Greene
What if in Rounders KGB pulled his gag teeth out everytime he made a hand. Do u think Mike McD would have figured that out? This guys a dummy
Comment from : Dwayne Greene

Martin Nordmann
That's Poker i like!
Comment from : Martin Nordmann

Tito frost
Daniel gives away the strength of his hand way to often
Comment from : Tito frost

This is my favorite poker video. It could be cut into a documentary or even fictionalized into a movie. The commentators are top notch. There are all sorts of kooky characters with their respective quirks.

It is a poker professional, in top form, methodically exploiting all the moving parts; creating a persona at the table, using his position at the table, the maneuvers needed when being dealt bad hands or good, reading tells, calling bluffs, picking your opportunities to play or fold, and targeting or avoiding a particular player at a full table and knocking them out one by one.

Daniel was all about minimizing the gambling aspect of the game while maximizing the skill portion and this event was definitely in his top 3 greatest performances.

Comment from : sfar1

Lucas Kz
Yeeuuuuhhhhh! Was afraid of that river card... Yyeeuuuhhhhhhhh
Comment from : Lucas Kz

Steve Snellgrove
You got to love and respect Daniel for his skills and sportsmanship.. a true champion 👍👍👍
Comment from : Steve Snellgrove

Joseph Walsh
Your amazing read dan Is sick .....
Comment from : Joseph Walsh

Nikola Tesla
The way he has fun with others and polite way of making fun of others and himself is just amazing
Comment from : Nikola Tesla

Raúl Hormiga
Ty, Chad, Adams and Lamkin.
Comment from : Raúl Hormiga

Santiago Guerra
Why in minute 29 the pot would habe been splited?
Comment from : Santiago Guerra

Ongle __
Were all final tables full of players this bad back in the day ?
Comment from : Ongle __

Ongle __
dAnIeLi tHouGht u hAd ThE qUeEN
Comment from : Ongle __

The master of hand reading and the master of table talk.
Comment from : Martin

Rajesh Subramanian
I could not see the pot size.
Comment from : Rajesh Subramanian

31:13 that card should have saved him.
Comment from : TC1TheOrginal

Barnes seems like such a wholesome dude too lol.
Comment from : ExplodingMarshmallow

John Thomas
Straight outta Canada, Crazy mother fucka named Negreanu, Slaying his opponents with attitude.
Comment from : John Thomas

Phil Driver
daniel has a great personality . you gotta love that man
Comment from : Phil Driver

ESPN ticker: Roger Goodell named NFL commissioner. And the world wept
Comment from : chrisknight07

Tenacious Dan
At 30:43 Daniel looked like he was sad to do it
Comment from : Tenacious Dan

Martin Quinn
Just shut up Negranu ! :)
Comment from : Martin Quinn

Daniel is just sick!! I love his freaking game
Comment from : baldwin558

merchant joker
Any one els see him grab chips before he walked away at the end
Comment from : merchant joker

juma 34
22:33 I know why, becouse the other guy is reaaaally agressive heads up is a standard all in for him having top pair... really bad play I think! and daniel who is a really good player and thinks about making big decision based on how the other guy plays and he know him would have 3bet AQ off really 101% of the time based on how he plays... and I'm only 20years old... wtf are this commentators doing here!?!?
Comment from : juma 34

Edward Norton is destined to play Negreanu in a biopic.
Comment from : RobTi


“Woah” 🤣

Comment from : Castlehill650

Sofa King
Lamkin 88...This hands need not be reviewed, just lol
Comment from : Sofa King

David Lindinger
expected Daniel to win hand after hand here... but he was paying for information all the time. really enjoyable!
Comment from : David Lindinger

Trey Anastasio
When you are elite good and also lucky....
Comment from : Trey Anastasio

Who are the commentators?
Comment from : GamePlayRaja

Jaha HS
making mistakes every hand is what i see DDD
Comment from : Jaha HS

Julius Ulit
Before all the ridiculous sponsor apparel
Comment from : Julius Ulit

Red Egg
15:36, negreanu lost to his own hand 10-7
Comment from : Red Egg

Alex Rice
13:25 pretty cool seeing the news update saying roger goodell is the new NFL commissioner
Comment from : Alex Rice

One of the commentators is such a knob. "Uh thanks Daniel that's news I can use" what's his problem?
Comment from : MeSoyCapitan

Snap call with K3 off...there are home game with better poker playing than this.
Comment from : jballoregon

Rob Hood
Daniel is one if not the all time money winner.
2nd at the moment looking at list

he has been playing a long time and sponsored by Pokerstars what seems like forever .
so plays in most if not all tournaments year round
i guess they pay his tourney fees expenses and gets sponsorship money
he said himself even though he seems to win millions doesn't mean he makes profit.
whether that means he is equating that as though he pays buy ins or he does unsure.

Why doesn't he win more tournaments ?
his last / only ? one was 2013
he has finished 2nd around 9 or 10 times.
do some players just have more luck than other players
some players seem to go on heaters where they win back to back and win multiple times in a year

this is not having a pop at him
just wondering why people think he hasn't won more.
even though he is second in the all time money list can he regarded as one of the best ever without more tournaments wins
has he got a major/or flaw in his game that people playing at the very top exploit
if so what do people think it is

Comment from : Rob Hood

Kyle Abbott
What a terrible push with just a draw and one card left lol it was obvious Daniel wasn't bluffing there.
Comment from : Kyle Abbott

Kyle Abbott
Watching poker makes you realize how unhealthy America is. Does anybody jog anymore? Or lift weights? Lol
Comment from : Kyle Abbott

Noob Gamer
I’m here
Comment from : Noob Gamer

Cameron M
And Daniel paid alot of people off in this one and was a bit spewy with his chips in alot of spots. Not sure how he won this one.
Comment from : Cameron M

Cameron M
That play by chad brown at 10:30 with AK suited was so so bad and so spewy. Idk what he was thinking.
Comment from : Cameron M

You're the man now Dog
You can tell the approximate date this was filmed when you see dudes wearing 'ENYCE' jersey
Comment from : You're the man now Dog

Christopher Cook
When was this?
Comment from : Christopher Cook

Cincinnati scumbag.
Comment from : MaGoo

Rice MenaRQ
Feel so bad for Barnes here. Classic cooler.
Comment from : Rice MenaRQ

Rick Heeren
The way Barnes went out. Ouch!
Comment from : Rick Heeren

Michael Petersen
Daniel vs Tiger
Comment from : Michael Petersen

Why is one of the announcers so judgmental. He got comments about everyone not being this or that. Take a chill pill bro.
Comment from : rollsaround

Rudz Abboid
Damn only 1?
Comment from : Rudz Abboid

Wow....I wish the players today were this bad!! But this video left out some of the critical action that put Negreanu on top against his nemesis, Bryant King. King was talking smack the whole final table while bullying the action. At one point, Negreanu tells him. "Oh buddy....I"ve got a plan for you". Once they were heads up there was one specific hand that changed everything. After a 3bet pre-flop, Negreanu check raise shoved holding 66 on a flop with two over cards. BK had to fold his AK and Negreanu told him "Remember I told you I had a plan for you? Well, that was it. Now I'm done.". With that single move holding a low pair, Negreanu chopped off one of King's legs and beat him over the head with it, gutting his stack. Without a miracle for King, the match was basically over after that pivotal hand. Negreanu is always happy-go-lucky, and I'd never seen him cop a salty attitude and target a table bully like that. Shit now I have to look for that clip again.
Comment from : CribNotes

Pedro Strom
daniel the call station ! :D
Comment from : Pedro Strom

devin peral Smith


Comment from : devin peral Smith

Andy Robson
Man has the game evolved.
Comment from : Andy Robson

Sallusd bot gaming
A_+477',:+ vu
Comment from : Sallusd bot gaming

Daniel seems all loosey-goosey throughout this tournament. And I thought u weren't supposed to do that. My whole life was a lie -_-
Comment from : Stringfreak

Oops wrong un
Comment from : JACK of ALL TRADES

Are you still “captaining” Robert; if so can you take us fishing in Costa Rica next April?
Comment from : JACK of ALL TRADES

Pekka S
What the hell was up with that Lamkin call ... horrible if you ask me.
Comment from : Pekka S

2 ear rings, a pink shirt, and acts like a dick? you have to be a winner to walk around like that lmao
Comment from : Ravangers

'Nice hand' 'Well played' 'Good player' 'You were the guy ii was most afraid of' thats humble sportsmanship right there.
Comment from : SliCeouT

Joe Sena
Such a bad shove by Wendell when the board pairs 9s and counterfeits his 2 pair...
Comment from : Joe Sena

Lucas Peruzzi
8:37 - my gosh, brown played that hand poorly
Comment from : Lucas Peruzzi

John Shepherd
I love watching DN play.
Comment from : John Shepherd

Andre Kondra
The first 10 mins were such a lousy poker from all of them and the decision to go All In with only a draw to flush by Chad was absurd. Either were calls from DN on the river.
Comment from : Andre Kondra

Jeremy Stark
RIP Chad Brown. I used to like his cool demeanor at the table. Classy guy. Daniel always being Daniel, goofy..🤔
Comment from : Jeremy Stark

My heart sank when wendell got knocked out 😭😭😭
Comment from : _ COOP

Chim Richalds
I love how Daniel so confidently called Chad's bluff
Comment from : Chim Richalds

da sa
43:00 Daniel was first to congratulate Daniel or other words him self on winning this tournament.
He really did it here.

Comment from : da sa

da sa
Did you notice that this guy needs 3,4 or 5 on the river or else hes 2 and Daniel is 1?
Making it to 1-2-3-4-5 story?

Comment from : da sa

Esarc Winterz
DN had to of consulted Edward Norton in his role as "WORM" in "Rounders". Daniel's whole demeanor and charisma is portrayed in the exact same manner through Worm, especially how he talks
Comment from : Esarc Winterz

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