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Steve Garfi
Lmao how to lose money fast
Comment from : Steve Garfi

Sukh Gill
Guys guys guys .... please understand he does not play with his own money, it’s all sponsored and advertising... the clues are so blatant that it’s insulting one’s intelligence to think otherwise.

But for entertainment value he is brilliant

Comment from : Sukh Gill

liberals suck
even with 100 bucks on a number that hits.that's 33 to 1.bam
Comment from : liberals suck

Vadim Podcosov
Guys, are you baking home those money, loosing them without any kind of strategy! Just guessing the numbers...
Comment from : Vadim Podcosov

Chris Gladden
Comment from : Chris Gladden

John Taylor
One of the worst games to play. If you must, bet 6 numbers in each section= 18. Still 50/50. Good luck
Comment from : John Taylor

John Taylor
Never place your bet, until the dealer spins. I used to deal. I got so good I could hit a number within 2 or 3 spaces.
Comment from : John Taylor

Dan Supernova
Bro everyone saying that “this is the worst strategy” or “my ____ plays better roulette than this guy does” but this game is literally a game of 100% luck. No calculation. No “feeling”. No “strategy”. Casinos love people who think they can win with their “superpowers”.
Comment from : Dan Supernova

anneta memou
Annitos 24 is my insta if u are in mood i would like to ask u some questions
Comment from : anneta memou

anneta memou
Where u play
Comment from : anneta memou

anneta memou
Great play
Comment from : anneta memou

Super Man
Watch how he spins the ball, different direction everytime. Should have bet after he spun.
Comment from : Super Man

youtube adventure
The are stupid!! The can’t play roulette. The are more options on the table.
i think the casino told them don’t use camera unless you lose are your money!!

Comment from : youtube adventure

lalo castillo
Just bet on the outside and never bet on the same row. Ex. If it lands on 5 bet on the two outside rows
Comment from : lalo castillo

2 broke gamblers
My strategy: i dont sit at the table until there have been 5 black or red numbers in a row then i bet the opposite color next spin. if that one doesnt hit i choose the same color and bet more. When i win i leave. i havent lost yet with this strategy, i figure there will be some times even that 2nd bet wont hit but to me this is the best odds ive found for coming out on top.
Comment from : 2 broke gamblers

2 broke gamblers
Guys i need roulette tips and strategies
Comment from : 2 broke gamblers

Gnewbz Productions
You guys don't know how to play
Comment from : Gnewbz Productions

Mohammad Ehshan
What's your name I am from india
Comment from : Mohammad Ehshan

This guy sucks at roulette. The win is 3500 you bet 2600 which over betting for 3500. Your not even doubling your money. You suck
Comment from : CaptainFailTV

Kayne Dewhurst
If you're betting all 12 numbers in a third straight up, save time and bet 12x on 1st Third/2nd Third etc. It's the same payout.

Then just do your splits and corners.

Comment from : Kayne Dewhurst

Gambling is based on pure luck. Where the dice drops, which card you get, etc.
Comment from : pkasb90

shiva reddy
Waste fellows , dont even know about basics knwldge
Comment from : shiva reddy

BH 6
Man, 9k gone in a matter of minutes.
Comment from : BH 6

Roulette is a game of MATH. Bet a few chips or play the outside
Comment from : martind586

Unknown Prodigy
You know there are apps that can predict where the ball will fall (what section of the wheel) from a video. It is pretty accurate. The ball can't be moving at top speed, and it will only highlight a section of the wheel where the ball is anticipated to fall. But if you can bet while the wheel is moving, and quickly place you bet after the app estimates where it will fall, you could make a killing. If they let you film, do they also let you bet after the wheel is spinning?
Comment from : Unknown Prodigy

Unknown Prodigy
Just bet a couple hundred at a time.
Comment from : Unknown Prodigy

Nixz FM
if the dealer wanted he could make davo loose everytime
Comment from : Nixz FM

Steve Harvey
Where these gentleman failed is not tipping the dealer after a hit. You have to remember, dealers are not payed a lot so tipping In my experience has always helped the odds swing in my favor.
Comment from : Steve Harvey

Dave Mattia
Just because you moved away from the high numbers and it hit the low you numbers you said you were going to play, doesn't mean it would have come out the same if you had. The microseconds of the way you bet -- the time you took - and what you said and the dealers timing -- everything would have been different.
Comment from : Dave Mattia

Slim White Transformer_On_32s
Waste of money 🤦🏾‍♂️ i would had just bet on red or black lol not chasing the numbers but the color ⚫🔴
Comment from : Slim White Transformer_On_32s

John Doe
Stupid way of playing roulette in my opinion
Comment from : John Doe

Wait, we have roulette tables in Australia?
Comment from : masonthegecko

Dan Haynes
Your gut feeling? Sure bud.
Comment from : Dan Haynes

maybe those guys are dump...but they can earn from you guys...ha..ha..ha..ha...you just dont realize
Comment from : MARIO MUSKETER

I think the ball his remote control because when ball coming close to the number the ball jumping ...,
Comment from : Y Z

Chad Emig
I remember my first time blowing money out my ass, lol
Comment from : Chad Emig

T Berg
I hope you realize that corners and splits are the absolute worst bet in the casino. Corners pay 32:1 instead of 35:1 and you’re literally throwing away around 9% of your money
Comment from : T Berg

Mike the Dike
What's your strategy?
Ummm Lose.

Comment from : Mike the Dike

Евгений Дружко
If you have extra money, then throw them better to me on the card 5469400026870209
Comment from : Евгений Дружко

Chris McDonald
Lost ur arses
Comment from : Chris McDonald

Lalaland Hahaha
OMG bro u lose all a few minutes. It’s shocking me anyway love ur vlog. Got new sub from me (Australia;)
Comment from : Lalaland Hahaha

The biggest mistakes any roulette player makes is looking to the results board to determine where the next hit is likely to be. Every spin in roulette is new and unaffected by what has happened up to that point. Casinos like to call those result boards, "idiot boards" because they give the illusion that something is more likely to happen due to what has happened before.
Comment from : xworkerbee

You don’t blanket the whole front you blanket small areas based off where it landed last. No real way of winning but tends to pay off
Comment from : ItzEmS

Tom Lamb
Comment from : Tom Lamb

Dustin Allen
The love the color of AUD money
Comment from : Dustin Allen

David Birkes
I could show you guys some crazy shitt with this guy's bankroll
Comment from : David Birkes

David Birkes
Right off the bat he is playing a losing ass game lol
Comment from : David Birkes

Arno Lourens
Fuuuuuck IT HURTS just watching this
Comment from : Arno Lourens

Cristina P
I love the way you Talk...😃♥️
Comment from : Cristina P

R Urban
This was very entertaining to watch. I played my numbers along with this gentleman. Good to test your system before entering the casino.
Comment from : R Urban

neb evorgneerg
This guys got shit luck
Comment from : neb evorgneerg

neb evorgneerg
No 00 ?
Comment from : neb evorgneerg

Nicki Madsen
1:58 the lady is holding a remote control behind your back controlling the outcome of game
Comment from : Nicki Madsen

These guys really don’t know how to play roulette it’s embarrassing
Comment from : DIMB

go and learn first how to play idiots
Comment from : GEORGIA VLACHOU

Dayv David
Stupid gambler
Why you not put 5k on soccer easy bet you can pick 3 game's all over one and half goal it's gon return 12k

Comment from : Dayv David

Stuart Little
Worse Roulette players i ever seen

Comment from : Stuart Little

Stuart Little


Comment from : Stuart Little

Ngoc Dung Nguyen Bo Moi biet Lan dau an cua Sao ?
WOW. This guy so rich.
Comment from : Ngoc Dung Nguyen Bo Moi biet Lan dau an cua Sao ?

abdul SOAD
haha you loses
Comment from : abdul SOAD

Jay- Rus
It’s humorous that you think you can somehow calculate what the next number will be. The casino loves people like you
Comment from : Jay- Rus

William Waffle
Change your play style this is too boring
Comment from : William Waffle

A Ar
That strategy is so dumb, at times you're betting 2400+ for a 1 in 3 chance of winning around 4000, may aswell just load up on a colour
Comment from : A Ar

Dianjello Rafiki
what hell do you do
Comment from : Dianjello Rafiki

Erganat Erik
Good luck
Comment from : Erganat Erik

Uriel Dominguez
The most retarded strategy lmao
Comment from : Uriel Dominguez

Ganesh Raj
Comment from : Ganesh Raj

the house always wins, never forget that
Comment from : beytrod

lol awful
Comment from : BallerGaming24

David Peric
He plays ut soo stupid but.....
Comment from : David Peric

Pip Puanaki
i wish i had money to throw around like that
Comment from : Pip Puanaki

John T
at least play to the wheel not the layout ...covering 17 when he hit 25 is just bad playing ...if youre betting 17 at least have numbers close to it on the wheel covered ....17 and 18 are only next to each other numerically ......amazes me how many people say ooh that was close when 15 instead of 16 comes in ....it couldnt be further away
Comment from : John T

Make a vis how much are you in prodti if you caunt all fo yours profits and loses.
Comment from : MG.TWINSER GAMER

Logan Tet
Is this the Ville casino ,Townsville
Comment from : Logan Tet

saurav Prakash
I hate when someone disturbs a player and advises him where to bet .
Comment from : saurav Prakash

Ivan Castillo
If you guys think there is a strategy to winning roulette then you are playing straight into the casinos favor lmao. There is NO way to win at roulette.
Comment from : Ivan Castillo

Lasa East
Best way to win is just to bet on ODD
Comment from : Lasa East

Lasa East
I won 5k on Roulette, Silly me kept on going and lost all lol
Comment from : Lasa East

Fievel Mousekewitz
I won $10,000 on a 1:1 spin a while back. It made my knees shaky watching the ball going around and around :o
Comment from : Fievel Mousekewitz

andrea sabatini
Man have you just had a look at how the numbers are placed on the actual wheel? If you would have stayed with a section on the wheel and not on the board you would have nailed it. Sorry but you do not play with a firm strategy and this video does not teach much but show an addictive mind
Comment from : andrea sabatini

chris Banz
Sweet Spot One-Third Roulette Strategy (OTRS)’ book on Amazon has to be one of the best roulette strategies out there.
Comment from : chris Banz

matthew fuller
Empty casino no emotions boring video with play money yawn
Comment from : matthew fuller

Does he not realize the waste of time it is to cover every number instead of just playing outside?
Comment from : rickyomason

Life With Noah
I don't like how you guys were playing, you were putting it all in one section which is an idea for some but I would put the same amount of the bet you did spread out or put it on even or odd. Idk just my opinion.
Comment from : Life With Noah

Peter Sanderson
You might want to read up on strategy. Unless you have endless money. Study wheel quadrants.
Comment from : Peter Sanderson

S.N. Carollisson
What was your exact strategy here dude? Did I also hear you mention the words, "intuition", and "luck". WTF?
Comment from : S.N. Carollisson

Daniel Roberts
Such a bad gambler
Comment from : Daniel Roberts

RRSYS.info - Roulette Prediction
Has to be lowest maximum straight up limit ever seen in this day age.
Comment from : RRSYS.info - Roulette Prediction

Evil Gunz
Best invention for the casino was the electronic number board. This shows nothing except the past where the ball hit. People look at it and see that black hit 5 times in a row so that must mean that red is due and it will hit next. Or that a number hit 4 times in 15 spins according to that board so that must be a lucky number and I should bet it all on that number. Roulette is a random game and there is no prediction to what number or color will hit next. The odds of hitting a color is the same even if it has hit red or black 10 times in a row. Love how people look at that board like this guy and think hey I know where the ball will land. the way he is playing makes no since what so ever. Next time you want to throw away 10 grand call me and I will take it off your hands just as fast as this casino did
Comment from : Evil Gunz

eRa Goofy
Play around the table !
Comment from : eRa Goofy

Bad Players
Comment from : DOLF MULB

Jorge Figueroa
Loser, loser, loser. You need a lot of practice
Comment from : Jorge Figueroa

You guys have No Clue how to play roulette........ EMBARRASSING
Comment from : JR

Bigga Winna Crapsa
It's so hard to detect a rigged Roulette wheel. You have to slow it down and see that first spin - how the borders of some cells allow the ball to escape (example, slot #2, a winner) while losing slots capture it once it enters (example, slot #25 right next door - ball quickly lost the 'bounce' it had coming in, but had no problem bouncing out of the #2 slot). Oh well, there's always next time, where the same thing will happen!! lol Nice magnet at the 5:00 mark as well, for the dead-stop 5.
Comment from : Bigga Winna Crapsa

Thomas Brand
if you add up all the numbers on roulette wheel it is 666.
Comment from : Thomas Brand

peter sallas
Try play keno
Comment from : peter sallas

Ming LIN
U just don't know how to gamble
Comment from : Ming LIN

These guys need to practice...
Comment from : SickrThanYaAvrg

Steven Roland
Please show us your high limt play at the craps table LIVE would be awesome
Comment from : Steven Roland

Darryl V
Play a section of the wheel not the board,
Comment from : Darryl V

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