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Brody Secore
Fold em buddy. Live to play another hand
Comment from : Brody Secore

Brody Secore
Starting off bumpin shady's "white America"! So sick dude
Comment from : Brody Secore

Kyle Yen
Love the subtle dry humor that’s thrown in there every once in a while
Comment from : Kyle Yen

Will in New Haven
I fold those Tens
Comment from : Will in New Haven

Christie Hightower
Thanks for the pic of Tyson... and I would have called with the 10's
Comment from : Christie Hightower

Comment from : BCColeman

James Boyles
When you are dealt 10 10, 70% of the time an over card will hit the flop--also, if the flop is all lower cards, odds are high that the turn will be a higher card. In your situation, you had a raise from late position, which a lot of times means a very strong hand. Knowing all this, it would be difficult for me to call.
Comment from : James Boyles

Berkley Warrener
Comment from : Berkley Warrener

Rachel Fugate
Why cant I find you on Hendon?
Comment from : Rachel Fugate

Marcus Bell
Hey Jeff, what's that sushi place you said is awesome a few vids back? I'm coming down next week (will be looking for you) and want me some fiiiiine sushi. Thx bro. You're due for a big win!
Comment from : Marcus Bell

We gotta get you some help with video editing. Maybe The Trooper can give you some pointers when he gets back. lol. Still love this channel. I completely lost it when you showed Guy Fieri and then yourself. Same hair do! Haha. Keep 'em coming!!
Comment from : guerro327

casey t
i wold fold those tens in a second
Comment from : casey t

Patrick Rhea
HA! Love it... Sitting at home with the dog and self medicating with a fresh steak fillet after a loss.... exactly what I do to.
Comment from : Patrick Rhea

Al Paras
I'd fold.  looking for another time to play another pot.  too many players
Comment from : Al Paras

Paul Manning
10 10 with this action, I fold.
Comment from : Paul Manning

I'd fold the tens. If you were deeper I'm sure calling would be the play.
Comment from : ilovebrandnewcarpets

Jeff, I'm of the opinion that pocket tens are not a "big" pocket pair; I think they should be categorized and played as a "middle" pair. That being said, it should be very easy to fold 10-10 when risking a BIG hit to a healthy tournament stack after two opponents have already shown aggression and eagerness to get in the hand. Good fold!
Comment from : NotAPokerPro

tyler long
Comment from : tyler long

Mike Hergenroether
Call with the 10 10. If you shove he's not going away anyways and 3 handed 10s might not be good yet.
Comment from : Mike Hergenroether

I was in the same spot a few months ago w tens. +2 opens for the first time in n hour, +5 goes all in w four people left behind to act. I folded and they went three ways all in. Two guys had AK and one had 99. I would have won that pot and eliminated three people from the final table.

MagicJack69 Poker Training
if you ever start a side cooking channel im totally subbing that shit lol...cooking with the Boski
Comment from : MagicJack69 Poker Training

Alan Sorenson
I've been going back and watching all your videos man you inspire tf out of me bro
Comment from : Alan Sorenson

Good hair compare
Comment from : MrCSRocker

Curt G
please keep the filet porn at the end of the vlogs!
Comment from : Curt G

Ahi Tuna on the Iron Skillet ... salt, pepper, olive oil, 1 minute each side ... caramelized outside, rare center, and Boxer uncontrollable air tongue
Comment from : WJL

Justin Edwards
ok pausing again, I'm considering that the 2 opponents could have similar cards, each others outs maybe? But i feel like its very possible someone is already ahead of 1010. ok I put them on 99 and AK, I was kinda close. fuck I shoulda mentioned that before this edit.
Comment from : Justin Edwards

Gavin Huang
Bummer. Hope to see final table before 50th vlog
Comment from : Gavin Huang

as far as TT , pretty difficult to be ahead to both players in that spot... to flat 8k aiming to set mining is a nonsense @ T300.. so u either fold or shove to isoate the short stack IMHO
Comment from : Alastor10

Without reads I fold TT
Comment from : g0alieman

Sara Aronoff
Chip porn and filet mignon,Jeff Bosky never disappoints.
Comment from : Sara Aronoff

Colin Costantino
I heard you just got a big score, congrats! I'm thinking of playing professionally but the one thing I struggle with is when I win I cause other people pain by taking their money. How do you deal with that?
Comment from : Colin Costantino

cuties...PORN STARS
Comment from : MilkCap

(pause) TT -> insta fold.....
Comment from : letzebauer

Matt McGuire
With TT I would fold there....let's see
Comment from : Matt McGuire

Zack T
Folded, put one on a higher pocket pair. Also depends on how they have been playing.
Comment from : Zack T

Gunnar Wymore
fold by the way
Comment from : Gunnar Wymore

Gunnar Wymore
never ran into this weekend, i would surely say hii
Comment from : Gunnar Wymore

George Ethan
Sorry to hog the text lines. One last thing after reading some of the other comments. I get a kick out of people who, here and elsewhere as well, talk as if they're some kind of poker champion explaining what the right move is instead of just saying what they'd probably do and your some kind of beginner.
Comment from : George Ethan

George Ethan
"Results don't matter, we made the correct fold" Love that line of thinking Jeff. Like Brunson said in the opening lines of poker after dark "poker is about making the right decisions" , I'm an amateur but still try to approach poker that way.
Comment from : George Ethan

George Ethan
Against two opponents I would fold fearing that I'm up against at least one over pair but maybe that's the wrong play, maybe, maybe not. All I know for sure is, I'm not the man, Jeff Boski
Comment from : George Ethan

Haha thanks for my daily dose!
Comment from : Trillionaire

m Kasner
And....we are OUT
Comment from : m Kasner

NCinLV 1
I was hoping the dog was gonna eat the steak, maybe next time..
Comment from : NCinLV 1

mike casey
Shove is fucking terrible, close between a call and a fold, fold is probably the better play but I'd call #foldingisntfun
Comment from : mike casey

NCinLV 1
TT = ez fold
Comment from : NCinLV 1

how did you bust exactly? you embarrased or what boski?
Comment from : DeKs151

John Sollars
Fold the 10's. Best case is flipping but likely dominated.
Comment from : John Sollars

folding the tens broski
Comment from : DeKs151

Hernán Dí Santí
Happy Ending?
Comment from : Hernán Dí Santí

Pocket 10's in that spot is a snap fold for me. Plenty of poker left to play, not time to hero.
Comment from : moojersey3

Stevie Hall
middle pair to a raise i either fold or call and try to hit a flop. over pair on board gets you "the player" in trouble a lot.
Comment from : Stevie Hall

Jose Garibay
I would shove
Comment from : Jose Garibay

Edward Thomas Ellson II
Jeff, first off you are a Boss. Secondly, next time you see Blake K ask him about Fast Eddy!!! :D :D :D So back to the hand, depending on what kinda feelings and reads I got off their body languages, I as an aggro player would prob shove, knowing I have a rebuy in my pocket. Maybe thats why I play micro mtt's online and you are a boss in LVNV.....Dude cant wait to meet ya tho for sure...

what are the chances you will be my tag team partner in the WSOP 1k event?

Comment from : Edward Thomas Ellson II

russ miner
Comment from : russ miner

michael young
hahaha "pornstars" love the vlog good work jeff
Comment from : michael young

Those steak clips always make me so hungry. Great vlog!!!
Comment from : pokketjokers

JC Griffin
yay got it rite!!
Comment from : JC Griffin

JC Griffin
matrix says fold?🤔
Comment from : JC Griffin

rj doggman
nice video jeff. one question. what shop in the Rio serves that Mt Charleston sandwich? that mf looks good and will definitely grab one whenever I'm down by the rio.
Comment from : rj doggman

Clark Mott
Another sick Boski vlog. Good stuff. I would have folded the pocket 10s as well. One of them was guaranteed to have you dominated imo. That sandwich looked so good. The guy getting runner runner hearts on the AK vs K6 hand would have made me so mad.
Comment from : Clark Mott

Sergio _
Why do you talk like that?
Comment from : Sergio _

Paul Hardy
Lots of Chippendales pics in the background Jeff! You trying to broaden your subscriber base or is there something you need to tell us? :D

Help out a thick Brit, what is $20/hour with no refunds?

Comment from : Paul Hardy

david j
Win or lose we fix a steak fuckers! I expect a shoutout next vlog! Good luck brother!
Comment from : david j


Comment from : Moriwood

Bizmark D
Sometimes you gotta get the Led out...
Comment from : Bizmark D

first last
nice eminem in the beginning
Comment from : first last

Sean Kelley
What happened with the editing at the end? You were talking to the waitress and it suddenly cut to you being out, then you are taking the Stairway to Heaven.
Good fold on the TT. Sucks that guy hit the K6. Keep working!

Comment from : Sean Kelley

Chris 1972
My Australian Shepherd "Miss Sydney" saw the end of your video and turned to me and said, "Dad, Boxer's suck! Give me that filet"
Comment from : Chris 1972

Lauro Padilla
You make the best steak on YouTube!
Comment from : Lauro Padilla

Jack Robinson
Been a member of poker tube for over a decade now, first started watching when I was learning poker in university. Big congrats on becoming an ambassador mate, hats off. Be great to see you get a deep run in another PLO tournament, think you came 3rd in an early Vlog? Do you ever play at MGN, I played there and planet Hollywood when I went to Vegas. Seems like I should have hit the Venetian.
Keep on grinding!

Comment from : Jack Robinson

Abel Gebeyehu
pocket tens is a fold there bud. no set mining implied odds with your stack + both of their ranges is ahead of you and got you locked. I love your content though man
Comment from : Abel Gebeyehu

Shaun Dejwan
I just did the drive of shame myself, no fun at all. We just gotta keep grinding it out. Good luck!
Comment from : Shaun Dejwan

richard fabrizio
I loved the boxer. Not Tyson the dog
Comment from : richard fabrizio

cuties , ya pornstars lol
Comment from : utubehelps

Jon king
Comment from : Jon king

Jon king
definite correct fold on 10s hand. i know heads up you would have taken it down thought!
Comment from : Jon king

Big D
Steak Porn!!! Yes...
Comment from : Big D

JohnnyMortgage The Next Seahawks Runningback
Comment from : JohnnyMortgage The Next Seahawks Runningback

You ran pretty well at the end... I was expecting the dog to leave you nursing a plate of Asparagus spears.
Comment from : marky147

John Carter
Fold... I hate 3 way pots with 10-10. Bet you go all in and hopefully win!!! Wow! You folded! Good fold. Jeff you will have a massive run of wins coming shortly... the good karma is building. Thanks for the vids!
Comment from : John Carter

I would shove
Comment from : TheMegaProductions1

jonathan phoenix
hashbrown a go go is a AWESOME place! Definitely a go to when I'm in vegas!
Comment from : jonathan phoenix

Nick Papagiorgio1
Fuk tha Police!!!! #NWAliveson!
Comment from : Nick Papagiorgio1

Nate Conrad
as much as I'd like to call on the pocket 10s, I have a sinking feeling about it... so fold... live to see another day
Comment from : Nate Conrad

R Lee
easy fold
Comment from : R Lee

Jonathan Ocab
They still use K band in Nevada? CA is only KA and LIDAR.
Comment from : Jonathan Ocab

Dan Blitz
Can u start saying the guarantees for the tournaments when u say the buy in plz
Comment from : Dan Blitz

Johnny Ringo
No shit, saw it in my coffee this morning.. I raised suited 6 gapper, you had middle pair, 4 bet me..I called.. you hit a set, c-bet me, I shoved.. my mistake
Comment from : Johnny Ringo

Daniel Farid
Where's the mushroom sauce
Comment from : Daniel Farid

Thomas Martin
Your preflop raises seem to be a bit small against rec players. What was the ante with the k-6 hand? A preflop raise to 4k, instead of 2.5k, probably protects your hand better against k-6, and honestly, there's enough dead money in the middle with short stacks that it's worth just snapping that up.
Comment from : Thomas Martin

How long do you put your steak in the oven and what temp?
Comment from : ttotherev

Mark Phillips
K6 so sick. You are due for a big win soon. I wanna see that chip porn.
Comment from : Mark Phillips

Johnny Ringo
Shout out to Hash House A Go Go... Jeff Boski is a Poker Icon.. I could easily see a WSOP Main Event Title in your future...
Comment from : Johnny Ringo

Thomas Martin
For me, I'd be 70% fold, 30% call. Never shove there, rec players don't 4-bet without the goods. If you see the flop, you're winning a substantial side pot from kings. If you fold, you're making the objectively correct play.
Comment from : Thomas Martin

Great taste in music and food! Keep them coming!
Comment from : Vozveratu

Kevin Burke
Is he going to a happy ending massage parlor?
Comment from : Kevin Burke

Thomas Siurek
Boski Tokeski
Comment from : Thomas Siurek

Comment from : TearsForBeers

Jannick Hendrix
I would fold the TT hand. You can't go heads up to the flop because the 4-better won't fold if you shove. Tens usually don't go so well in a 3-way all-in.
Comment from : Jannick Hendrix

Foot spa at the end?
Comment from : silvad314

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