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Nomad -81-
Whats the difference between betting on banker vs player?
Comment from : Nomad -81-

Purnama Putra
Not focus because bobbs. 😂😂😂
Comment from : Purnama Putra

Be Happy
For me the best Baccarat Strategy out there is the book I got from Amazon, ‘The Ultimate Golden Secret Baccarat Winning Strategy 3.0’easy to understand, very unique strategy.
Comment from : Be Happy

singo sai
Comment from : singo sai

Hilarious video LOL so glad it worked great in the end
Comment from : CreativeYetCrazy

Matt  guest
wtf is baccarat xD
Comment from : Matt guest

thechase ison

If either the bank or players first two cards total 8 or 9 then there are no more cards ever. This known as a 'natural'.

After the first four cards are dealt, If both sides total nine, eight, seven or six then this results in an automatic tie.

If the player or bank's first two cards total seven then they will never get another card. If one side gets a six and the other a seven then this ends the round and no more cards are dealt. If either side gets a seven and the other side has five or less, that side will get one more additional card.

After the first four cards are dealt, If the bankers cards total six and the player has five or less, the player will receive one more card. If this card is a six or a seven then the bank will receive one more card. If not then the round is over.

After the first four cards are dealt if the bankers cards total five and the player has five or less, the player will receive one more card. If this card is a four, five, six or seven then the bank will recieve one more card. If not then the round is over.

After the first four cards are dealt if the bankers cards total four and the player has five or less the player will recieve one more card. If this card is a two, three, four, five, six or seven then the banker will recieve one more card. If not then the round is over.

After the first four cards are dealt if the bankers cards total three and the player has five or less both sides will always recieve a card unless the player is dealt an eight. This ends the round.

After the first four cards are dealt if both sides totals are two or less then there will always be an extra card for both sides.

I hope this helps explain the rules.

Comment from : thechase ison

Ed Rey
Where is the best online baccarat casino?
Comment from : Ed Rey

Hypalinx wins £2000
Pirtti wins £7.03

I'm actually creasing xD

Comment from : NightWi5h

Marleen Boonstra
My heart was racing too, what the hell was that?
Comment from : Marleen Boonstra

Mystical Child
Sitting at a coffee shop at 2:30 in the morning, on my way home from work, eating some eggs and toast.
Just enjoying a video from my favorite YouTube channel.
Get the motha' fuck in there!!! 🤣

Comment from : Mystical Child

Tervin Yeo
nice drinking game haha
Comment from : Tervin Yeo

Michael Alvarez
I won around 4kusd in bitstarz casino, but they confiscated my winning. Fcking scammer
Comment from : Michael Alvarez

Carlos Lehder
what sites are best to play real money? In USA.
Comment from : Carlos Lehder

Küfürbaz Haydo
Comment from : Küfürbaz Haydo

You're crazy Hypa, but very fun video and entertaining commentary
Comment from : Adam

Samantha Fresnido
I wonder how the casino win in bacarat?
Comment from : Samantha Fresnido

what is this online website?
Comment from : 史佛龍

Get the fuck in there😂😂😂
Comment from : Pazo

Soi Kèo Online
how can play Baccarat Win @
Comment from : Soi Kèo Online

The Polo
Are you suppose to bet with the streak or whatever you want? Whats the best winning strategy
Comment from : The Polo

Sharklover INDONESIA
Saya pejudi dari Indonesia ..kamu keren hehe
Comment from : Sharklover INDONESIA

Comment from : Marrelloo

You crazy bastard
Comment from : mrmoo

sqd 49
from the time she deals the card to the time she puts away the cards is about 20 seconds. So baccarat despite a low house edge of 1.06% you will lose a lot more than other casino games because you are playing about 180 bets per minute and with a much higher minimum while other games you play 60 bets per minute with a much lower minimum. Baccarat is a very deceiving game that the casinos make you believe that you only lose very little. I love baccarat but I can't play this game because the loss per hour and minimum bet is much higher than other games. I guess that's why baccarat is considered as a high roller game and not for the average joe.
Comment from : sqd 49

808 Money
yeah, I was just as excited as you! Nice grand hit!
Comment from : 808 Money

Proffesor Plum
Can you imagine been married to that ffs!
Comment from : Proffesor Plum

Larry Ouver
Comment from : Larry Ouver

Glenn Gregorio
Comment from : Glenn Gregorio

David duFresne
Obviously you cannot beat the casino long term or you'd have millions of professional Chinese baccarat players, but from what I've seen in live play is you go with the trend not against it. If you up to the table and everyone is on player, it's probably because it's been hitting, and I've gotten screwed over and over thinking that their streak had to end. Banker tends to win a bit more so if it's choppy or just starting it's a good fallback play. This game is dangerous though! I don't know what it is about it, I would never bet 2k on a blackjack hand, but I've done it on baccarat. Maybe because there's a chance you have to split in blackjack or double down. I think mostly it's a fear of being dealt a 16, but with baccarat you just never know what might pop up. If you can bet small and you're the type to stay at a casino for a couple hours and then would much prefer a show to more gambling it might be a good game for you. If you're like hypa or like me, it's a dangerous game.
Comment from : David duFresne

Coach Naser ناصر عبد الستار ناصر
you play too much player... bit weird.
Comment from : Coach Naser ناصر عبد الستار ناصر

Oh her poor husband.
Comment from : kNviCt

Jodha Singh
Imagine if u keep betting on bank in new shoe
Comment from : Jodha Singh

Blane Butler
“Get tha fuck in there!.....Chess(excited yes)!!!!” Makes me smile every time hahaha.
Comment from : Blane Butler

"This Game is about Patience" 10 minutes later when have lost a winning streak back down to starting balace -> All-in !
Comment from : Veryfutile

That sound she utters just before she pulls a card, is that English? Also now that I know how to play I'm pretty sure I don't like this game
Comment from : AnteConfig

0 Error.
So this is the player with the highest cards modulo 10?
Comment from : 0 Error.

no name
why is the dealer being such a uptight bitch to the chat in the beggining?
Comment from : no name

KDC konkhmer
ิbro , how much Minimum number
Comment from : KDC konkhmer

Ricky Clemente
No guts No glory!
Comment from : Ricky Clemente

that was great to watch
Comment from : sfajita

Players have to WIN!!! that's True!
Comment from : irshi

Milquetoast Eugenicist
Finally a gambling streamer who plays Baccarat! Refreshing! Nice wins, mate. Subbed!
Comment from : Milquetoast Eugenicist

I love your addiction :D
Comment from : DushanNish

Lisa W
OH BABY... What a rush!
Comment from : Lisa W

You crazy bugger going for the ultimate big bet all of a sudden.
Comment from : Vidserver

John Li
she talks to much...just...too much
Comment from : John Li

i all in a grand today as well and i won! luckily i walked otherwise might lose it all
Comment from : Peggy

Nicholas Posa
Ahahaha prolly gunna take a grand. Prolly gunna take a grand
... or put a grand on😂😂loses 400 bet

Comment from : Nicholas Posa

Eric Li
Is it just me or the dealer is talk too much. SHUT UP!
Comment from : Eric Li

Nick 11
Congrats!!!!!!! Enjoy your channel.
Comment from : Nick 11

Ryan seas
They say 100 percent of the chances you dont take are missed
Comment from : Ryan seas

Ryan seas
Who tf is dis bitch talking to
Comment from : Ryan seas

paddy power
Love it
Comment from : paddy power

Jim Beau
Get in there lad! 😂
Comment from : Jim Beau

Samran Soeyngam
I want play what can i do for you...
Comment from : Samran Soeyngam

game changer
This dude has the best 2nd job i reckon
Comment from : game changer

Comment from : xystumpy

Daily Scratchers
How come you get your bet back on a tie? I thought tie was a completely different bet do you had to bet tie to win
Comment from : Daily Scratchers

These videos should be on late night tv as they're great entertainment.
Comment from : comfibold

great vids
Comment from : steerpike50

Comment from : adalycean

Jay Li
dont go against the pattern rookie
Comment from : Jay Li

Ferjie Akira
I think this is more easier technique opening the card.
Comment from : Ferjie Akira

joseph Sheasby
Very nice last bet 😉
Comment from : joseph Sheasby

Why do you get 2x bei Player but Not by Bank?
Comment from : Flo

Joshua Littlewolfe
Baccarat is like a good drama. Love the game. The dealer gave me a good chuckle with her banter lol
Comment from : Joshua Littlewolfe

Good job 👍 500 is good in anybody’s day I’m trying to just win 200 clear a day
Comment from : PRO HORSE PUNTER

Oh hypa 😂 This video gets the heart racing! Satisfies my gambling itch, its exactly how I used to play back in my prime! Same starting balance too! Baccarats the best gambling game to make money on but remember the longer your on the more likely you are to loose! I saw a chart (admittedly for roulette) but similarly applies as its for red and black. If you were to play for 100 spins your 61% likely to loose all your money, at 1000 spins your around 80% likely to loose all your money and at 10,000 spins you are 100% guarenteed to loose your money. If your going to gamble guys understand the odds! Your best chance of coming away with a profit is a short session, do not play long, don't be greedy! ;) top tip. The odds effectively reset when you withdraw and casinos rely on you playing as long as possible.
Comment from : Yourhavingagaff

Das Maverick
Why not do Banker every hand? It has a lower house edge, period.
Comment from : Das Maverick

James Murray
what online Casino is this.
Comment from : James Murray

Steven Clingan
Exactly!! I've commented on his vids before he plays too wreckless! You go with the streak, not against it. Here he has shown again to keep chasing lost money. You cannot gamble like that longterm or you will get killed everytime. This is from someone who has been gambling for 30 plus years, and has worked in gaming in LasVegas for many years.
Comment from : Steven Clingan

Arnaud Baya
like a boss you are
, I was screaming bail and go home last bet :)

Comment from : Arnaud Baya

damn just found out this channel and watching all the videos.. This is great !
Comment from : Luc

James Murray
Hey man great videos on Baccarat keep them coming, where you from?
Comment from : James Murray

Jeremythevirus Huang
The beginning you should have bet $200 each hand and would have gotten you over $1000 without all that $1000 all in or bust drama. Nice win but play smart
Comment from : Jeremythevirus Huang

Awesome bet dude
Comment from : swordfish00007

Devante Ivory
Don’t play like this guy u see a streak start jump on it and don’t jump off until the streak ends
Comment from : Devante Ivory

Devante Ivory
Baccarat is about catching the run and staying with it your literally going against what’s winning
Comment from : Devante Ivory

Dany Hermawan
ok im always wondering... when the camera zoomed in dealer's hand and made slow motion in opening the last card... we would never know if somebody changed the first card on the deck... lol... i would never bet my hard earned money this way
Comment from : Dany Hermawan

Start Learning To Cover Your Ties!
That is the "ONLY" Way to Beat The Game Of Baccarat Continually. 👌

Comment from : "HOW TO WIN IN CASINO'S"

Comment from : N A K

GG Maltese
Good job, hope you don’t lose too much thoufh
Comment from : GG Maltese

this brings back some memories!
Comment from : Yourhavingagaff

Dude my heart was with u I was hoping u win that 1000 bet and redeem ur money. Happy that u got it
Comment from : VancouverNina

Please do more of long baccarat and/or blackjack sessions good job xDd
Comment from : ASITON

Comment from : Pro-Fanity

andy vu
2nd hand dragon ...
Comment from : andy vu

martin mc tigue
this guy has no guts.He should have pressed his bets alot more
Comment from : martin mc tigue

14 sec did she say she didn’t cheat
Comment from : Woody81

Claud Reindl
I like your videos the best, great comments, but I don't care for slots at all.
Comment from : Claud Reindl

l jason
Can you play with the chat , stop thinking I keeping Beting on player can get your money back?
Comment from : l jason

Bertrand Smith
Lol you’re such a degen, glad it worked out though
Comment from : Bertrand Smith

Carlos Oliveira
Wasn't even my money but that last 1k bet was a sick risky move hahahaha. But wow well done!!!
Comment from : Carlos Oliveira

Janephum Olansathit
U found a very nice shoes but u dont follow it.
Comment from : Janephum Olansathit

daaaaamn! i felt the energy from you! haha all in or nothing! thats a baller move!
no clue where those dislikes are coming from, i appreciate your content a lot! keep on with the good content!

Comment from : Leopard0di

always follow the pattern on the road until it breaks or else your gonna always be behind chasing the pattern
Comment from : vincent

John Kang
Haha well done mate
Comment from : John Kang

Nikolas Navakos
Nice fuckin hand mate
Comment from : Nikolas Navakos

Random Gaming
Oh Baby
Comment from : Random Gaming

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