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Pluck Yeah
Sammy Farha- Deal it twice?........... you are a prick
Comment from : Pluck Yeah

Brian Cash
If you have exited the game that should be considered a fold
Comment from : Brian Cash

Christian Guck
You seem not to know what a bad beat is
Comment from : Christian Guck

Babayega X
That Nut Flush lay down is incredible. Great disciplined lay down. Not a hard last down but I very 95 percent of players wouldn't be able to let it go. Other than that, the rest is "just poker". I love the look on Sammy's face when he wins and he's drinking his coffee looking at David like "I kicked your ass" when it could have easily missed the 10 on the river and David would have won that hand more often than not after that flop. But he thinks like he did something incredible to win the hand which was just his luck that pulled it out of his ass. LoL
Comment from : Babayega X

Jose Barrera
Did i tell you, you look very handsome today
Comment from : Jose Barrera

James Choi
Akopyan already knew
Comment from : James Choi

Gmart Ent
Comment from : Gmart Ent

sergey Phen
меня на покердом жетсче переезжают
Comment from : sergey Phen

Remi guillard is the best . Search "boss poker remi guillard"
Comment from : Felix

benjiro namaste
Comment from : benjiro namaste

Sean Moran
second one I would say is more of a bad beat if williams had gotten more of his stack in on the flop or turn. He checked back turn, which im sure might be a winning play, but it allowed Farha to get there for free so I just find it to be less of a bad beat because he checked back turn
Comment from : Sean Moran

Leigh Matthews
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Comment from : Leigh Matthews

Daithanh Tethien
Name song 12:05
Comment from : Daithanh Tethien

Stew Meat
The audience at that heads up tournament.
How exciting

Comment from : Stew Meat

George Manifase
Katskillz in Pittsburgh
Comment from : George Manifase

I had aa vs kk. Both flopped sets. Then a outer k on the river...
Comment from : lwc888

John Santo Rawluszki
Mr Sammy is by far my favorite player
Comment from : John Santo Rawluszki

Xena Zhu
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Comment from : Xena Zhu

Latvian Youtuber
7:45 i told you ace king off is a favorite against ace king suited. Lol
Comment from : Latvian Youtuber

Wulfenacht Wulfenacht
These guys look scary
Comment from : Wulfenacht Wulfenacht

sammy sipping that coffee at 4:45 lmaoooo
Comment from : MrPhilGee

Brian notafan
its bets asshat
Comment from : Brian notafan

Yam Man
Lady Luck you're such a beautiful......ahhhhhhh you fu@king sneaky bitch...
Comment from : Yam Man

Maximus Meridius
The skinny light skinned black guy with deserved to lose for chewing on a toothpick in the middle of a game.
Comment from : Maximus Meridius

Reza Lucien
Hands like these are a source of equal love and hatred for poker for me.
Comment from : Reza Lucien

sun cho
Mine is even worse. I flopped quad and lost by straight flush. This is a joke
Comment from : sun cho

Lorewalker Choo M. D.
LMAO the first one. Even Hellmuth was laughing.
Comment from : Lorewalker Choo M. D.

Nichole Balmonte
Bye bye hits the gut shot wtf
Comment from : Nichole Balmonte

Trinidad James
"That's sick" -Most common reaction to each of these.
Comment from : Trinidad James

mumbus 27
After David William's behavior it was easy to stop being his fan but Tom dwan is a sweetheart man
Comment from : mumbus 27

the second hand should have lost anyways and did
Comment from : Qusin111

gerry o sullivan
Why is JR.Bellend mad about 10/9 v his AQ,pretty good hand to be up against,would he prefer a pair,which is usually what he would face there.How many BB did he shove anyway?
Comment from : gerry o sullivan

Fanatic Cat
Not sure but I think Gus Hansens quads vs Daniel Nagreanu's trips was probably worse beat than some of these.
Comment from : Fanatic Cat

acaua bastos
Why cups has 9% and sticks 2%? PS: I'm noob
Comment from : acaua bastos

john doe
marry me Annette!
Comment from : john doe

Crooks With Etiquette
lol "this could get nuclear"
Comment from : Crooks With Etiquette

Stephen Jones
"I deserve to lose!" said with high cheer!! Yeah, that attitude went away REAL quick.................it's a painful game!
Comment from : Stephen Jones

Hank Igoe
"Comrade, pleased to meet"
Comment from : Hank Igoe

Usama Zaheer
First wasn't that bad of a beat,Its his cockiness that made it worse.
Comment from : Usama Zaheer

Andy Yang
Thats poker.
Comment from : Andy Yang

nords16 nords16
great fold ha ha dickhead
Comment from : nords16 nords16

Clyde Foofoofnik
I don't need to see the Top 5 Most Brutal Poker Bad Beats Ever!, just the 5 Most Brutal Poker Bad Beats Ever! Duh!
Comment from : Clyde Foofoofnik

Fuck you
Comment from : 김혁빈

씨발놈광고졸라때리네 개세끼
Comment from : 김혁빈

Guilherme Carneiro
Good! Good! Good!
Comment from : Guilherme Carneiro

Mike Ambrose
These were pretty normal given the circumstances, i've had pair of aces against pair of Kings. We were both chip leaders went heavy blind, saw flop and hit ace and he hit King. Then river card hit another king. Lost with 3 aces to 4 Kings.
Comment from : Mike Ambrose

pete gregory
What was the purpose of David Williams "rabbit hunting" after the cards were exposed. What was he looking for in his mind?
Comment from : pete gregory

Pera Kojot
Nice tricks, Thank you for video
Comment from : Pera Kojot

Brian McGovern
gotta love these channels that monetise videos they do not own.
Comment from : Brian McGovern

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Comment from : weslim kusuma

Andrew Gray
Anyone notice in Dwan’s clip that the commentator’s have a big reaction before the 10 even comes on the river, then one of them says “wait it didn’t come yet.” .... seem a little fishy to anyone else?
Comment from : Andrew Gray

Not enough ads. Also, how are these bad beats?
Comment from : baseballsux2

Rod Ileto
Playing on pokerstars, I had experienced maybe a bit worse. I had pocket Kings, I raised , one reraise, everyone else folded then. I go all in, he called. He had pocket Queens. The flop was K-A-A. Then turn was Q. And river was Q. Everyone on the table was awed in disbelief.
Comment from : Rod Ileto

How is this not on here? www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPTHNr8s76w
Comment from : justinman114

Sipp Daily
My worst brutal beat was to flop trips then turn full house to be beaten by river quads. I had pocket tens my donk opponent had j5 5 on the flop the turn and river brutal.
Comment from : Sipp Daily

John Dough
So we get to the Laak video, and all I see is this little boy with a bad haircut who parents have called the FBI wondering whether the little special Joey (no offense to all the of the Joe's and Joseph's out there) might be.
Comment from : John Dough

Richard Neal
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Comment from : Richard Neal

Provato per te
it happens every 2 min online...
Comment from : Provato per te

ayush goyal
What about quads over quads
Comment from : ayush goyal

Malcolm Dale
I hold the world record for the worst possible bad beat - King high straight flush lost to royal. This was at 7 card stud of course.
Comment from : Malcolm Dale

nichilista militante
That's because texas hold'em is a skill game...
Comment from : nichilista militante

Paul Morphy
Horrible game
Comment from : Paul Morphy

qwazar 90
Как он скинул натсовый Флэш это пушка просто
Comment from : qwazar 90

Illuminathzky3 Illuminathzky3
Tom dwan s my ever idol
Comment from : Illuminathzky3 Illuminathzky3

Tuber Youb
Sammy: deal it twice :P
Comment from : Tuber Youb

Afer Afers
A la mierda el poker
Comment from : Afer Afers

Andy Daff
Comment from : Andy Daff

Opal Krieger
I love how right when Akopyan hits the 7 you hear "Thank goodness it wasn't Phil" lmao
Comment from : Opal Krieger

Bot Player
Comment from : Bot Player

tashi sherpa
I am new so a pair of AA beats KK & QQ double pair?
Comment from : tashi sherpa

Ernest Hughes
yer music sucks sweaty balls, just like you!
Comment from : Ernest Hughes

Agustin Deda
Normal hand in PokerStars
Comment from : Agustin Deda

Agustin Deda
Minut 2.40-2.50 not a 7 you talk to much man shout up and play
Comment from : Agustin Deda

You look really handsome 😂😂😂. Bro he can still hit the 7! - 🥴😳😬- It’s a 7!!! - 🤯🥺😭🤢🤮💀
Comment from : E_CXI

John Smith
4:45 Hahahaha look at Sammy's little trousers. They're so cute!
Comment from : John Smith

Joshua Covert
These are normal beats on America's Cardroom
Comment from : Joshua Covert

Skillsss game ??? Lol
Comment from : R V

Carlos Lehder
Sammy Farha.... favorite poker player of all time.
Comment from : Carlos Lehder

2:46 ROFL left him standing
Comment from : Joselox

Noah McDaniel
Alright someone tell me I’m not tripping and that’s Matt Vasgersian the mlb network guy broadcasting in the second to last one
Comment from : Noah McDaniel

dude i have no idea what's going on in this video
Comment from : Neillusion

Richard Webster
So many ads
Comment from : Richard Webster

Tamer Khechen
Phil fucked himself
Comment from : Tamer Khechen

Gondal Gandul
youtu.be/PtgvPjLmQkk . Ayo subcsribe nnti fi subcsrib blik
Comment from : Gondal Gandul

Did this to someone the other day with 10-4 offsuit. Table reacted exactly how that first clip’s table did
Comment from : giovidana22

Dmitri Tchoulanov
Super sick
Comment from : Dmitri Tchoulanov

durrr is such a lucky mofo….nblvbl
Comment from : CRYCH3CK

iCampzy_ psn
Name of the song at the end
Comment from : iCampzy_ psn

bets not beats
Comment from : ctto

Dr WattsOn
Donkeys everywhere !
Comment from : Dr WattsOn

Norm D
Jean to many coyyates against to a lion king brother.
Comment from : Norm D

satya sadhu
the way Sammy Farha flips his full house on the table, such a G
Comment from : satya sadhu

Calling an all in with 10,9o. Donk call, but wow
Comment from : TheOrangeRoad

Gondal Gandul
youtu.be/hdqxWLZTowM . Banyak jeckpot
Comment from : Gondal Gandul

Steven Washington
Poker really is a skill game😉😂
Comment from : Steven Washington

Fabian B.
One pixel less and it would be radio xDD
Comment from : Fabian B.

raycajucom ek
is he the one on survivor ?
Comment from : raycajucom ek

Mattia Santangelo
Sick fold by katchalov
Comment from : Mattia Santangelo


He sure was eager to call. Sheesh.

Comment from : DoctorChained

I have taken worse than these a few years ago. I raised from the hijack with A/2 spades, BB calls. Flop comes 3/4/K all spades, I flopped the nut flush. BB checks, I check back. Turn comes 5 spades, I now have straight flush. BB bets 1/2 pot, I raise, but then BB shoves on me. I insta-call with my straight flush happy to see I was up against 7/2 off suit, his 7 spades making him a lesser flush. River is a 6 spades...the donk hits a gutshot better straight flush on the riv, the one outer. This was on the bubble and I had gone into the hand with well above average stack in one of the biggest buy-ins I ever entered. Even worse, after the bad beat the guy starts laughing that he did the same thing to another player recently.
Comment from : MegaJman72

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