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Phillip Transue
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Comment from : Phillip Transue

Tamatha Scheer
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Comment from : Tamatha Scheer

Luna Krstic
E bre robokope silo ni ujednu ruku neudje ,ipak je za tebe samo buldog tu mozes da se kurcis i nigdevise.haha
Comment from : Luna Krstic

why is there Patrick Antoniu's name in the title of this video? could anybody explain pls
Comment from : birdc50

Jun Yamada
commentator is so bad...still mis pronouncing fedors name, n so awkward...n i cant believe he says he coaches? wow...what a scammer...
Comment from : Jun Yamada

Reston Pham
I love these kind of videos, showing the whole picture from the beginning to the end. No editing no cutting, allowing to see how players play each other based on how their opponents have been playing and running during the sessions. Please make more of these videos. Much thanks to King's Casino.
Comment from : Reston Pham

Luna Krstic
sasa stavim k u tvoju igru tu ,za tebe je samo 50 100 u buldog kod onog smrada stefana
Comment from : Luna Krstic

Luna Krstic
Sto tu ne igras kao u buldog smrade napumpani
Comment from : Luna Krstic

Z Petrovic
sasha king
Comment from : Z Petrovic

Keith Vance
@22:17 the announcer said Hanna(A10) had top pair top kicker, but, it was 2nd pair top kicker after the river. LMMFAO!!!!!! A queen is higher then a 10 dummy!!
Comment from : Keith Vance

Anthony K
its weird to see Antonius with a 10k stack instead of like a million
Comment from : Anthony K

It's an online flop LOL
Comment from : BlueEyesWhiteBoy

Tomáš Ivan
opica spinava kabrhelska
Comment from : Tomáš Ivan

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