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Michael R
“RampagePoker isn’t so great”…. are you kidding me? When was the last time you saw a player with such ability and movement with A3d? Rampage puts the game on another level. We would be blessed if we ever see a player with his skill and passion for the game again. Phil Ivey breaks records. Phil Hellmuth breaks records. Rampage breaks the rules. You can keep your statistics. I prefer the magic.
Comment from : Michael R

When you have too much money and no patience = RampagePoker
Comment from : Gee鋭鋭

Xanne Ga
I was hoping I was gonna learn something from this video. Your play sucks!
Comment from : Xanne Ga

Failing at Life
You played fine dude tournament poker is all about flips. Only hand you coulda played differently was the A 3 of diamonds which with 3 other calls and in the sb is probably just a call. Awesome content
Comment from : Failing at Life

Shane Beckim
You don’t know how somebody jams all in with KQ suited, then you do just that. Lack of discipline.
Comment from : Shane Beckim

Frank Migliore
Rampage , in a tourney you have to keep in mind , chips lost are much more important than chips won . 3 betting 25% of your stack without the intention of jamming is a negative ev play
Comment from : Frank Migliore

James Alexander
I watch your vlog because I love poker and watching others play is the best I can do most times. But man, watching you play this tournament, as someone who specializes in tournaments, was...brutal. I thought more than once "this guy shouldn't be making a poker vlog." 3-betting A 3 with that starting stack was brutal to watch. Then you folding top pair when you had K 10 of hearts? I say this because I genuinely want you to succeed, but man you've GOT to play better poker than what I've been seeing. (As some others have pointed out, you kinda played this like a fish. Study tourney poker and you won't put off three stacks.)
Comment from : James Alexander

Matthew Meeuwen
Fish fucking status lol
Comment from : Matthew Meeuwen

Kenny Storch
you need to study tournament poker before you play in these... seem to be a huge fish
Comment from : Kenny Storch

Up against the Asian male 20 to 35 just close ur eyes and say call works every time
Comment from : InnocentFormalities

Shawn Levasseur
Level 2 was 100/100 100ante? That doesn’t sound right. You sure it wasn’t 100/200?
Comment from : Shawn Levasseur

As Buzz Sees It
Stick to cash tables dude. Tourney play just isn't ur thing.
Comment from : As Buzz Sees It

Jumpin Jahosafet
Okay, after watching more, you’re just raising way too big in every hand. If the BB is 100, you’re going to achieve the same thing raising to 250-350 as you are by going 8x, except in the latter option you’re committing too much of your stack to fold on any flop. You may as well jam, but even so it’s just a much worse play than raising to 300. Watch some of Jeff Boski’s vlogs or something. You’re using cash game aggression here; but you always have to remember that chips lost are worth way more than chips won in a tourney.
Comment from : Jumpin Jahosafet

Jumpin Jahosafet
3-betting 6.25x OOP in the first level with any holding, but especially one like A3s, is really bad. You’re basically flush mining for a quarter of your stack here. ICM. You are better off min-raising than going 6x.
Comment from : Jumpin Jahosafet

First Step Forward
With 88 on QQ7 we are not just trying to get value from a 7 but also denying equity from AT A9s KJs KTs etc..
Comment from : First Step Forward

Sorry to see it not work out :( However not all is lost! You've reminded me why I never play tourneys. So you can feel good that you've saved a viewer some buy-ins :)
Comment from : sniperd

First Step Forward
A2s A3s both play better as calls or folds - focus on 3b A5s and A4s.. otherwise you will have too many 3b bluffs pre.
Comment from : First Step Forward

You can't play cash hands in tournaments dude. You enter the pot with your best possible hand, period.
Comment from : vtwinbreed

Emil Joseph
Make Pocket Jacks Great Again 🤮🤮🤮

Comment from : Emil Joseph

Thomas Mahoney
Last tournament I played in, I busted with pocket Js. Those Js can really be a motherfuckin bitch. Can't let yourself get tilted like that though man.
Comment from : Thomas Mahoney

The Emperor
Tournaments are fun, but are soooo -EV
Comment from : The Emperor

Sep Tember
Posting this as you start your 3rd bullet. As it stands you need to make top 8 to break even
Comment from : Sep Tember

Sep Tember
3 bet 25% of your stack out of position that early in the tournament with A3? That shouldn’t happen at any point but criminal to do it in that spot. You make no bones about not knowing how to play tournaments very well so that’s why you get a pass 😁
Comment from : Sep Tember

This guy is goofball sometimes. Funny guy
Comment from : FASTDOUNUT TV

Tom Gow
I love the way around 70% of the people in the comments are telling you how to play and that you need so lessons, but watch your videos for poker advice and don’t put any of their own poker content out there for review
Comment from : Tom Gow

sean arya
dude you just said you like your 3 bet with Ad3d for a quarter of your stack. You are fine 3 betting A3dd when you have 150BB+ to play with but here, cmon
Comment from : sean arya

You open 4x? Ayaaa
Comment from : Mareko

Pavel Boyer
Its unfortunate how you lost with your Jack's. I feel like with Jack's would of been better to shove, to show higher strength. Gg though. KQ should of never done that. Idiot player
Comment from : Pavel Boyer

Joe Florio
Way too agressive in early levels bro. Love the vlogs. I played in this tourny cashed 32nd and profited like $80 off one bullet. it wasnt a good one, def not worth 3 bullets you prob needed to finish top 12 to get even. Try playing the 40-50k super stacks. With your style you can afford to lose a little early and still be ok with that amount of chips. 3x-4x raises are common at foxwoods in first 4-5 levels. Its a marathon not a sprint.
Comment from : Joe Florio

Don't want to beat a dead horse but the first 2 bullets were played badly. As everyone else said, A3s is not a 3bet for 1/4 of your stack. Also, your opening sizes were too big in the beginning, which is why you got no action with your aces. In advanced lineups the raise size is 2.2-2.5x and in low stakes its 3x or 4x the bb max. Your sizing improved later on in the video. Keep at it!
Comment from : M S

Mike Sub
look up some push fold charts, mate. i puked a little every time you said i don't know what you tournament people would do. any nice first up attempt.
Comment from : Mike Sub

Anthony Miller
I was at Foxwoods for the high ham madness a few weeks ago and I was at Mohegan sun on Saturday
Comment from : Anthony Miller

I don't care what anybody says... JJ is rarely a successful pocket pair to play. They are evil...
Comment from : guibox3

Jason Lonano
Chip value isn’t equal to money value so can’t play anything like a cash game
Comment from : Jason Lonano

Carlos Concepcion-Taylor
What was the buy-in? X three buy in ?
Comment from : Carlos Concepcion-Taylor

derek walls
You must've woke up feeling charitable that morning lol bc you dont know what you're doing or why, but yet you continue to rebuy? (3x 🤦🏿‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤔)..
Comment from : derek walls

With the JJ hand, if you are going to 3 bet 1/3 of your stack pre, then u should just be jamming. So either call and see flop, or jam pre. I think with 4 callers, dont jam just call, but either should be profitable long term. Nice vid bro, I am at foxwoods tournies every week and have had some really good results, stay out of the way in the first 4 hours unless u have a premium, then play extremely aggressively.
Comment from : stoaf88

Jay D
You're a little tournament fishy! How cute!
Comment from : Jay D

steve kagan
You need work on the tourney game. TAG in position will be a good starting point.
Comment from : steve kagan

Jay Lee
Do you have separate bankroll for tourney or you forgot to add tourney result to your bankroll challenge?
Comment from : Jay Lee

Rob Yensch
Love that you changed it up a bit and played a tournament for the vlog. Thanks for the great content!
Comment from : Rob Yensch

Elena Tutifruti
Comment from : Elena Tutifruti

John Villada
$750 noodles!🤔
Comment from : John Villada

Elena Tutifruti
In Mtt you dont 3-bet a hand like A3 suited, because it is a drawing hand, you want to call and see a flop.
Comment from : Elena Tutifruti

Zackery Herman
I live in the area, trying to find someone to travel with to go to different casinos.... would you be interested?
Comment from : Zackery Herman

Stephen Huggins
Is the poker room not downstairs anymore?
Comment from : Stephen Huggins

Roy Crosby
In the early stages of these smaller tournaments peeople want to chip up by seeing a lot of flops. Huge mistake to 3 bet A3 suited for 20% of your stack. You need to 3 bet only premium hands in the early stages because you're going to get looked up most of the time.
Comment from : Roy Crosby

Greg Besso
For what it’s worth, Ethan, you’re not the only one positively steaming. I was at the Encore playing 1/3 NL, the runout resulted in kings full of jacks, so I thought we were going to a three-way chop for sure. Well, imagine the metaphorical punch to the gut when the one opponent turned over the fourth king.

That sucks, but that’s poker.

Comment from : Greg Besso

Raymond Golly
The A3 in the SB three bet was not optimal. Flatting to see a flop would of saved you 21% of your stack. The last hand was very tilty. Again out of the SB facing a jam. You still had over 20 bigs. You could of waited for a better spot. At best you were flipping.
Comment from : Raymond Golly

man watching these vlogs giving me the chills 9 more days till vegas
Comment from : s0ldier898

You win some you lose some. I'm in a down turn right now, not much but it happens, but those upswings will come and you won't miss these 3 buy ins at all. Great vid.
Comment from : LopezM

Setting poker results aside for a sec: This was really a fantastic vlog episode💯. Seriously... great job with Production, inserts, flow, entertainment value, etc. #TopNotch

Yeah, PATIENCE is really called for in tourneys. No need to splash around with marginal holdings; and particularly no need to get involved in big pots so early (unless you have nuts/virtual hammerlock, obviously).

I love Foxwoods poker room; was my Go-To for years prior to so many other (much closer) options becoming available. Still a stellar room after all these years.

Your channel keeps getting better & better💯; kudos to you for all your hard work... and hopefully it helps lead you to where you ultimately want to go with various endeavors. You really come across as a solid/good guy, so I again wish you nothing but good luck along the way. And, hey... all-in-all, you're doing just fine in overall profitability (def on track for that 10k race goal)... so, hang in there and keep grinding, brotha.👍

Comment from : SeanPrestonFed

Tournaments——> Marathons Cash Games——> Sprints
You played the whole tournament like you were already at the final table.
Patience amigo. Patience.

Comment from : WilliamWBG

Poker Soldier
About that A3s hand in the SB; you have a 10K starting stack, you can't 3-bet 1/4 of your stack with a hand youre not willing to jam on any flop if you get called. Can't play like you would in a cash game. unlike a cash game, in a tourney, you can't reload so you have to play it differently
Comment from : Poker Soldier

Mike Z
If you are losing 70% of starting stack level 1, pre ante, without an insane cooler your doing something really wrong mate. 3betting 25% of your stack with A3 probably not great
Comment from : Mike Z

John Smith
Purchase a magic 8-ball to help you figure out those tricky spots, I use one and 5% of the time it’s correct 100% of the time 😉
Comment from : John Smith

Great job Ethan for being a beginner at tournaments. Don’t let anyone shun you for your play at your first decent size tournament. I didn’t win my first live tournament till, I had played at least 15 prior to the first win I booked. I can share a ton of good tournament strategies with you that I have built over the 20+ years of poker play I have accumulated. Hit me on FB at Scott A. Mehling Sr.

Also I would like to buy one possibly two of your chip sets. So please hit me up so we can get you a sale to help your business. Thanks brother and keep the grind going!!!

Comment from : ScottieQuick85

Mr. Personal-ity
Degen represent!
Comment from : Mr. Personal-ity

jeff lusty
Damn bro, you should take some lessons. It will help you out... I know for a fact that beginning tourney players feel the pressure of blinds of going up and feel more obligated to play a little differently. That's not the case! Play your game, take your time! Learn the table then begin to pick your spots. A3 suited, small blind a looking at raise.. Call or let it go. That way you're not losing 1/4 of your stack on a 3 bet and a dry ass flop. If you call and hit the flop with the draw, now that's worth leading out from a small blind position and losing 1/4/ of your stack. You'll learn, it's not easy. But you can do it. Tournament play is harder than cash games.
Comment from : jeff lusty

Raymour Radhakrishnan
Love that you went and played Blackjack bro! What a fantastic close to this video⛵⛵⛵
Comment from : Raymour Radhakrishnan

Jacob Cadena
Rampage! A3? Lol
Comment from : Jacob Cadena

Comment from : hellerrocks

First:p 14 second after upload
Comment from : redsoxsmaster25

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